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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 | Arc 1.
Warning: So the Thriller/Horror genre starts here. There are graphic descriptions of deaths ahead, be warned! However, keep in mind that XZY has no death flags whatsoever, BOSS hubby will never let any harm come to wifey ahaha~ 

When Xu Ziyue heard the teacher say that two classmates hadn’t returned after lunch, his first thought was that they must have gone somewhere to gossip about their targets.

And, the targets of their affections must be students from other classes, since if they were students here, then wouldn’t it be much easier to just ask someone to switch seats so that they could chat during break?

But when the teacher said this, half of the students in the class immediately adopted an extremely ugly expression.

It couldn’t be… the difficulty of this Love-Attack! game was this high and the competition was that fierce??

Xu Ziyue found himself more and more unable to understand the thoughts of this group of players.

The homeroom teacher assumed that the missing students were probably in the washroom, and therefore planned to wait a little. After all, it wasn’t too big a deal to be slightly late for the afternoon spare block.

But the classmates strangely seemed more nervous than the teacher, and several raised their hands, saying, “Teacher! Let’s go find Bao Yuxin and Chen Ying!”

Xu Ziyue yawned and cracked his neck. “Sun Mo, Sun Mo, I didn’t really understand the math lesson this morning, can you tutor me?” Use all opportunities to engage Sun Mo in conversation, and at least have Sun Mo get used to chatting with him. This was Xu Ziyue’s only goal for now.

But cold-blooded Sun Mo didn’t even turn around, letting Xu Ziyue experience fully what ‘indifference’ was.

Xu Ziyue went to bother Lu Renjia, who sat across the aisle. “Lu Renji, what you guys were discussing before…”

“My name is Lu Renjia, not Lu Renji.” Lu Renjia fumed, glaring at Xu Ziyue and then turned around to look nervously at the player who was still negotiating with the teacher about searching for the missing people. He really didn’t want to talk to Xu Ziyue.

Lu Renjia and Lu Renji, aren’t they pretty similar… Also, who would name their child this, were they scared of thieves? [1] But, the name was pretty easy to remember.

Xu Ziyue found himself again being treated with disdain.

Actually, it wasn’t just Lu Renjia; more accurately, it felt like he was being despised by all the players in this game for some inexplicable reason.

It was like they thought he was going to bring them harm, or something?

Xu Ziyue felt very wronged.  In fact, his popularity had always been very high, so how come when he played a game, he was treated with such disdain ah.

The player who was speaking to the homeroom teacher about looking for the missing players was a girl. However, the teacher felt it was unnecessary and maintained that they would come back soon, so the rest of the students should just wait patiently.

The girl very unwillingly sat back down, her lips faintly white. After she sat down, she started biting her knuckles, trembling slightly as she thought about something.

“What is she so anxious about?” Xu Ziyue wondered quietly to himself. It couldn’t be… the boy she liked got stolen by someone else?

It was just a game, why was she this serious about it?  Xu Ziyue had always believed that games should be relaxing and enjoyable. If it deviated from the original purpose, then it couldn’t be considered a “game” anymore.

This little sister didn’t have her priorities straight – Xu Ziyue felt that compared to her, he was much more mentally strong. No matter what kind of game ending he gets with Sun Mo, he will be able to accept it!

Love was like this: the process is what’s to be enjoyed. Xu Ziyue didn’t actually think that the result was all that important.

It’s not that it wasn’t important – just that it was not as important as the journey. The best outcome obviously would be if he and Sun Mo could have a nice loving relationship together~

It’s just that the other was too difficult to chase… Xu Ziyue bowed his head and let out a depressed sigh.

As if Sun Mo heard his self-lamenting thoughts, he turned around and gave Xu Ziyue a very slight smile.

The smile quickly vanished though, and Xu Ziyue even thought that he had imagined it. Sun Mo had turned around just to look at him and smile??

Xu Ziyue thought about Sun Mo’s smile, but because it had happened too fast, he couldn’t decipher the meaning behind it.

It seemed to be because he had said something about that female player who wanted to go find the missing classmates…..

【What is she so anxious about?】

So what was the hidden meaning behind this smile?

Xu Ziyue was left scratching his head.


The sudden scream caused everyone to look out into that direction.

The homeroom teacher quickly exclaimed, “I’m going to go see, you all stay here and don’t move!” and ran out in a hurry.

But the players in the classroom weren’t real students, and so they all ran out without a second thought to see what had happened.

Xu Ziyue sat dazedly in his seat, confusion and bewilderment filling his brain.

In the end, he couldn’t help his curiosity and so he asked, “Sun Mo, let’s go have a look together?”

To his surprise, the Sun Mo who usually never responds to him actually nodded.

Xu Ziyue, in a bold move, grasped his wrist and hurried to catch up with the rest of the crew.

Behind them, the NPC students stared and after a few seconds, also decided to follow.

The girls’ toilet on the sixth floor was full of people. To the side, the homeroom teacher was trying to shoo everyone away while covering his mouth. However, the students didn’t seem to be in any mood to be obedient like usual.

And the price of this disobedience was that they all ran up and took a look at the scene inside, and then ran to the side to throw up.

Before Xu Ziyue even walked in, he saw several people vomiting to the side, the sickening smell causing Xu Ziyue to feel nauseous as well. The smell of the toilets, in turn, was actually overshadowed by this.

Only that leader player, Zhang Jing, and some other individuals managed to not throw up, though their faces were pale and they radiated auras of fear and helplessness.

Xu Ziyue covered his nose and was greatly tempted to peek inside. However, he had a bad feeling that if he didn’t want to end up like these other players on the floor, then he probably should not look. But, curiosity still got the upper hand.

“Sun Mo, are you going to go see?” Xu Ziyue pinched his nose and asked.

He turned around, only to find that Sun Mo hadn’t changed his expression at all in this hectic scene. He also didn’t cover his nose, as if these smells had no effect on him.

And so, Xu Ziyue used one hand to cover his nose and the other to give Sun Mo a big thumbs up. “You’re amazing, you don’t find the smell unbearable?”

Sun Mo looked at Xu Ziyue and smiled, “Unbearable? It’s alright.”

Xu Ziyue blinked. Mom!!! [2]  How could Sun Mo look this handsome while smiling! He has dimples on the right side! When he doesn’t smile, Sun Mo is a solid 93 points, but when he smiles, Xu Ziyue felt he could easily be 999 points!

Xu Ziyue began to see illusory fireworks go off behind Sun Mo.

Sun Mo took the initiative to take Xu Ziyue’s hand, “How about we go and see?”

He took my hand, he took my hand, he took my hand!

It wasn’t loosely grabbing his wrist! It was holding hands!

His speaking voice also suddenly became gentler, as if dripping honey. This success caused Xu Ziyue to go lightheaded.

Xu Ziyue’s heart began to nod yes at an insane speed, but his face on the outside had a rather dumb look. “Go see?…… Okay, go see. Um, go see.”

Sun Mo resumed his usual expressionless face, and a cold hand holding Xu Ziyue’s guided him to the entrance of the ladies’ washroom.

There was an empty space near the washroom door because various players had run off to go throw up, while those who hadn’t vomited had moved to the side and started discussing something with pale faces.

As they got closer to the washroom, Sun Mo regained his usual composure and so Xu Ziyue also slowly started to recover from the dizzy state he had been in. Although he was pinching his nose shut, it wasn’t so tight that he couldn’t smell the scent of blood slowly wafting into his nasal cavity and to Xu Ziyue’s brain, making him realize in hindsight that something was really wrong.

Inside the washroom sat two dead bodies. One had its upper half blocked by a cubicle, but the two visible legs of the lower body appeared as if they had been thrown into a washing machine, completely twisted. One could still see the Shangyang High School uniform she wore, though the skirt was covered in bloodstains. There were countless knife shards stabbed into her body, looking like they had been shot from an unknown direction, with some having missed the girl’s body and embedded into the ceramic tiles of the bathroom.   The other had died in a sink, with her body covered in cuts and pieces of her flesh and innards strewn about everywhere. Her body had been completely bisected, with the upper body left in the sink, and the lower half lying on the ceramic tiles underneath the sink.

The red blood mixed with the white tiles.

The thick smell of blood was also due to this latter girl, whose body had been cut up brutally.

The faucet in the sink was still running, washing over the broken chunks of flesh. However, the bigger pieces started blocking the drain, leaving the bloody water in the sink with nowhere to go. Slowly, water started to overflow from the sink, eventually covering the washroom floor with a puddle of bloody water.

Xu Ziyue’s face instantly paled.

Sun Mo’s brows raised slightly, a slight hint of joy in his eyes as if he’d encountered success.


Xu Ziyue leaned to the side with the other players and threw up until he didn’t even know which way was up and which way was down. While he was doing this though, he didn’t forget to tightly grasp the hand still held by Sun Mo.

When he finished emptying his stomach, Xu Ziyue pulled Sun Mo aside and asked, “Aren’t you afraid??” His whole being felt empty, as if he had been sucked dry of all the water in him.

Sun Mo asked, “You’re scared of these things?”

“Normal people are typically afraid of these things …” It was just a nice little game, how did this kind of scene appear?? Wasn’t this supposed to be like those refreshing high school dating simulations, filled with the springtime of youth? There was obviously something wrong with this reality, right?

…… Instead of that refreshing high school love story, it actually seemed more like a horror Ghost High School game.

However, this idea flew by in a flash. Xu Ziyue had another more frightening thought. It couldn’t be, these two players achieved the most terrible kind of ending?? Their love target blackening, resulting in the players being…. divided…… Xu Ziyue’s face became even whiter.

To have speculations is one thing, but to actually see it in person is another thing altogether.

Sun Mo replied, “I’m not afraid.”

“Uh…. It could be that you have nerves of steel?” Xu Ziyue guessed to himself that it was probably because NPCs weren’t programmed to be afraid of these scenes.

He suddenly froze, “Hey, you seem more and more willing to speak with me now!”

And then Sun Mo stopped speaking again.

On the other side, the teacher hastened to evacuate the students, but there were always those who refused to listen. Soon after, the police came.

School was cancelled for the afternoon.

Xu Ziyue pulled Sun Mo to a corridor far far away from the ladies’ washroom.

“Later I need to go to the school library with some other people to research some things. Do you want to come along?” Xu Ziyue glanced over at the other 17 players who had gathered together, clearly intending to head to the library.

Sun Mo said lightly, “Sure.”

Xu Ziyue contentedly patted his own stomach, “It’s too bad I threw up everything I ate at noon…. and I can’t eat anything now either.” From time to time, his mind would flash with images of what had happened earlier. It was only by talking with Sun Mo and staring at his beautiful face that he could avoid thinking about everything.

[1] Lu Renjia’s name means ‘kind/caring home’ – hence, Xu Ziyue was wondering if his parents gave him that name to ward off thieves

[2] This is an exclamation similar to ‘OMG’ or ‘Heaven’s above’. In this case, XYZ is like ‘My mom! This man is too pretty!’

Wolf Translator~


Library?? XZY, stop dragging the BOSS ghost to where all the trembling, unsuspecting players are 😅


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