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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 | Arc 1.

The entire morning, Xu Ziyue hovered around Sun Mo’s table. Of course, he also spoke with Lu Renjia, but Lu Renjia ignored most of Xu Ziyue’s comments and kept staring at him like he was a soon-to-be dead person.

Coupled with the fact that Lu Renjia didn’t have anything on Sun Mo’s handsome appearance, Xu Ziyue naturally didn’t intend to waste anymore time chatting with him and instead, gave his full attention to Sun Mo.

Ah, don’t know if he can achieve a home run in this game – if so, then he can finally rid himself of the virgin status that had followed him to death!

During the fourth class, Xu Ziyue was jolted out of his sleepy daze by the dismissal bell, and then was kept awake by the heat since the air conditioning got turned off. However, in the final morning class, he couldn’t bear it anymore and fell asleep.

The fact that Xu Ziyue hadn’t fallen asleep right away at the beginning was already a testament to his persistence – originally, he’d thought that he was finally liberated from school, but who knew that playing a game after death would also require him to attend class….

Sun Mo in front of him was gone, and there was no one else left in the classroom. Only an old ceiling fan creaked up above.

Xu Ziyue looked up at the ceiling fan and had a mild feeling that it was a little strange. The whole classroom appeared brand new, but the ceiling fan seemed quite old. Also, there was only one fan, and it was directly in the middle of the classroom.

However, Xu Ziyue did not think about it too much. He ran a hand through his sleep-mussed hair, pulled out the money he’d found in his bag earlier, and ran off.

Perhaps it was because it was lunch time, but the entire building was empty. The whole place was eerily silent and Xu Ziyue’s back began to crawl with nerves.

Then, the pitter-patter of footsteps sounded behind him, echoing in the hallway, and Xu Ziyue quickly turned around to look out the corridor; the end was bright, indicating a warm, sunny day, but inside where he was, the classroom was extremely dark, as if it were impermeable to light. Xu Ziyue squinted and stared a little more, before deciding that he was probably just overthinking things.

Xu Ziyue ran a hand through his hair again and decided to stop thinking so hard about everything. Once he exited the hallway and stairs, he realized that the building he was in was actually quite isolated from the rest of the school buildings.

Taking advantage of the hour-long lunch break, Xu Ziyue found the cafeteria and bought a bread bun, a bottle of milk, and a pack of white rabbit candies as a snack. Then, he strolled around the school campus while eating.

The school was C-shaped. All the buildings surrounded a central field and playground. The buildings included facilities for the first and second year students [1], the cafeteria, the office area, and a dormitory where the girls lived above and the boys lived below, with a large iron gate separating the two.

The third year facilities – that is, the third year building he’d appeared in, and the third year dormitories – were not included in this C-shaped structure. The outer appearances of both buildings look fairly new though, so Xu Ziyue assumed that everything was recently renovated. The two buildings were located towards the back of the C, but followed the overall layout of the other buildings. There was a long garden with a strip of green grass down the middle, and lush trees grew on both sides, obscuring a lot of visibility.

Xu Ziyue had to follow many signs before he finally managed to navigate out of the third-year district and into the canteen.

After exploring Shangyang High School, Xu Ziyue casually tossed his garbage into a trash can and prepared to head back to the classroom. Just as he reached the third-year lecture hall though, Xu Ziyue found the other players gathered nearby in a grove of trees.

Xu Ziyue nibbled on the straw of his milk carton and ran over to mingle. “What are you guys doing?”

One of the boys who seemed to be the leader of the group looked at Xu Ziyue. “Oh, so now you come over?” He sneered. “What, want to live now?”

Xu Ziyue had a face full of confusion. “I can’t come over? And what do you mean live…”

“Since you came over, then behave yourself. Talk less, listen more, and if no one is talking to you, then shut up.” The leader’s tone was very irritated, and it showed on his face, which was also exhibiting a scowl. His face, which could have been considered handsome, contorted under his grimacing expression, making it unpleasant to look at.

Xu Ziyue creased his eyebrows and was just about to say something when he was pulled down into a sitting position by the flower bed.

It was Lu Renjia.

Xu Ziyue scowled a little, jumped up, swatted away the dried mud and debris lying around the flower bed, and then sat back down.

Someone – unknown amidst the nineteen players – muttered, “Prissy boy,” under his breath.

Xu Ziyue rolled his eyes – prissy, fine, he’s a little prissy. He likes to be clean; if he were dirty, then how could he make a good impression on Sun Mo later in the afternoon?

“Because there’s a new person, I’ll repeat myself. My name is Zhang Jing and I’ve survived three games already. I’m easily irritated. To those newcomers who don’t even read the Guide and fail to behave themselves, you are responsible for your own outcomes.”

Xu Ziyue sucked his milk loudly through the straw, attracting the annoyed glances of many people. He actually had a lot of questions, but under these circumstances…. He decided to just wait until later and pull Lu Renjia aside to ask.

Also, survived three games? Can people die in this Love-Attack! game? Are there yandere targets, who might blacken and then kill you? And, what was this Beginner’s Guide – he’d never even heard of it before?

The system had entangled him for over two years, trying to convince him to participate in this Love-Attack! game, but as long as someone is sound of mind, there would be no way one would agree to play such a sketchy game that might not even exist. Although he has now confirmed that this game is legitimate, back then he’d thought he had a mental issue and had secretly completed many diagnosis tests on the Internet. And after he died and entered into the game, the system also didn’t say much. It was just like before – brief and concise.

Actually, if you asked Xu Ziyue, he’d say that the system was more talkative before he’d died, asking him three times a day to go die and play this game.

As for now, the system had only spoken those few sentences to him when he had first appeared in the main interface.

It had told him to explore the game himself, and didn’t even give him a tutorial, so what was this manual??

“Thus far we’ve collected very few clues, but this world will certainly gradually advance and let us discover the truth. What we know so far is that this building here has been abandoned for many years. After school today, let’s go to the library – libraries are usually the most useful place for finding out information about the world. We can’t let anything slip through! Also, everyone should chat with the NPCs around them during class to try and find out more. You who just arrived – I noticed that you were chatting with an NPC all morning, did you find anything?” Zhang Jing, who just said a long list of things, ended by directing a question at Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue released the straw in his mouth. “The student sitting in front of me, Sun Mo…”

His peers perked up and listened attentively.

“His face – 93 points, his voice – 98 points, it’s just that he doesn’t speak much. In terms of appearance, he is the best capture target.” Xu Ziyue narrowed his eyes, “He’s my target, so none of you better dare to try steal him!”

Zhang Jing was so angered his face turned red. “Who asked you this!!”

He angrily kicked the tree trunk beside him and ordered, “Okay stop talking. Everyone, back to class!”

Other people looked at Xu Ziyue like he was mentally challenged and then all left.

Even Lu Renjia whom Xu Ziyue had wanted to pull aside and ask a few questions to immediately took a few steps away from Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue: “???” Did he say something wrong? Were all the other player sick? How come he couldn’t understand their trains of thought?

Or, was he the one that was sick?

Xu Ziyue was inexplicably left alone in the small woods.

Finishing his milk, Xu Ziyue patted his full belly, threw a white rabbit candy into his mouth, and slowly began to make his way back to the Lecture Hall.

Before he completely left the woods though, Xu Ziyue saw Sun Mo who was staring at the sixth floor of the lecture building.

Xu Ziyue’s eyes lit up and he quickly walked over. “Sun Mo, let’s go back to class together?”

Sun Mo turned around and looked at Xu Ziyue, not speaking.

Xu Ziyue lightly scratched his cheek, eyes avoiding Sun Mo’s gaze. “Don’t look at me like this ah… I’m going to get embarrassed.” Sun Mo’s gaze was different from that of ordinary people. When he looks at someone, it’s as if he only sees the person in front of him, his vision never wavering – focused, serious, and intent.

However, from Xu Ziyue’s perspective, he could only feel his heartbeat getting faster and faster.

And so, he placed his hands directly on Sun Mo’s face and twisted the other’s gaze to the side. “D-Don’t look at me like this.”

“……” Sun Mo swatted away Xu Ziyue’s hands and turned to leave.

Xu Ziyue: “???” Why was he leaving, wasn’t their atmosphere pretty good?

Xu Ziyue hurriedly chased after, following Sun Mo and heading towards the lecture hall. “What did you eat at lunch?” Seeing Sun Mo not reply, Xu Ziyue continued, “My meal was a loaf of bread and a carton of milk. Oh, and some white rabbit candy!”

He grabbed a handful from his pocket, thought about it, and then only took out one, putting the others back.

“This is for you.” Taking this chance, Xu Ziyue caught Sun Mo’s hand, quickly stuffed the candy into his palm and immediately let go.

With this, every time he gives the other a piece of candy, he could touch his hand! He was so smart!

Xu Ziyue touched his fingers, savouring the feeling of Sun Mo’s hand – icy cold. In this hot day he really was like a portable air conditioner.

However, maybe it was because the other had just come out of an air-conditioned room? But at noontime… The air conditioning should have been turned off in all the classrooms. Maybe he had gone to the offices?

Or it could be a physical cause. Sun Mo looked a little weak, and when he had asked him what he’d eaten for lunch, the other hadn’t replied…. Xu Ziyue felt a little sad. Sure enough, those that had good looks weren’t that easy to approach.

Fortunately, Sun Mo had not refused Xu Ziyue’s candy,

After the lunch break at noon, they had a spare block for the next hour to rest and relax in the classroom.

Xu Ziyue’s class was the innermost classroom on the sixth floor. After the bell rang, the homeroom teacher entered and started urging everyone to rest by taking a brief nap.

The teacher scanned the room and asked, “Has anyone seen Bao Yuxin or Chen Ying?”

Xu Ziyue had buried his head in his arms and was sneaking looks at Sun Mo’s back. Upon hearing the teacher’s words, he quickly glanced at the seating chart, and then at the vacant tables.

Indeed, two players were missing.

[1] – schooling is categorized a bit differently in China. Here, they would be first, second, and third graders of high school, so grades 10/11/12 for North American schooling.

Wolf Translator–


Here’s another chapter! And LOL that system, telling someone three times a day to go die and play some sketchy game 😂


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  1. ooo….Thank you for the chapter

    this novel is surely interesting, let me confirm something

    it is like a dating game and each player can choose whoever NPC they like to ‘conquer’ ?? so no dating with another player.

    i hope this doesn’t turn out to be love triangle sh*t cause i can’t stand it.

    as for survival thing, maybe at latter chapters we will know…but this has 2 players missing already?? will this turn out to be a mystery / romance genre of dating game??

    so interesting !!!! I can’t wait for next chapter~~~ >_.<

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I can’t stand triangle love shit either! Haha yah so for Xu Ziyue he can choose any npc to target…. he just inevitably always chooses the hidden boss lmao

      So basically he’s in the same world as the other players who are playing a horror escape game. So there will be some scary mystery supernatural elements starting next chapter, but Xu Ziyue will never have any death flags because hubby will protect wifey aha

      Liked by 11 people

    1. Yah I think it has something to do with the stressful university entrance exams or something? Or maybe more of an afternoon rest block instead of nap time. Hmmm the author said nap time, but maybe I’ll change it to afternoon rest period instead


  2. This story is being very interesting so far.

    My theory is that the MC can’t be affected by the things that could kill the other players. I mean, he really is in his own dating game while the players around him see him as a lunatic because they are in danger. That’s probably why he has not seen his manual yet, because It’s different.

    That’s why nothing bad has happened to him despite his carefree attitude. It’s not a dating game in which you can die but that he and the others are in two different games that occur in the same place.

    Thanks for the chapter~ I really want to see what will happen next.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. I love it! It looks like this novel is going to be awesome! Thank you for translating this story, can’t wait for the next chapter! 🤩👏

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  4. omg there’s going to be some genre whiplash for all players involved. Wonder when XZY will realize that hubby’s probably not alive?????? Thanks for picking this one up!

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  5. It’s getting more interesting. I imagine the other players really wanted to kill him if he keeps his happy-go-lucky attitude despite the grave situation. Are other players still alive? Is that what made them playing different genre?

    Liked by 4 people

  6. The title is ‘Misplacement Game’. The other players seems to be playing a different game. The description in novel updates pointed out horror and escape. So I’m presuming that our MC was misplaced in a horror game when he’s supposed to be playing a romance game XD


  7. maybe sun mo is a ghost that died in the renovated school building?? it would make sense since he’s pale, weak-looking, and cold.

    goodluck xzy, don’t follow the other players to their death


  8. Nah bc “bothering someone 3 times a day to go die” that’s sus. I’m thinking it’s the same game, but bc our boy held out to a non-self induced death he got the cutesy version. Or who knows maybe the other players /are/ alive and our boy got lucky bc he died before the system could take him 😳


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