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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 | Arc 1.

Sun Mo held out his hand with the mirror fragment again, but Xu Ziyue only shook his head. He didn’t want to touch it! That thing was covered in blood and it also had Li Guo’s saliva on it… it looked absolutely disgusting!

The players beside aimed a very helpless and somewhat incredulous look at Xu Ziyue, but they did have to admit that without Xu Ziyue there, Sun Mo probably wouldn’t have helped them. Thinking of that, their attitudes became slightly better.

Someone pulled out a piece of tissue paper from their pocket and finally accepted the mirror fragment.

Xu Ziyue, having already endure his disgust for quite some time now, couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up, stepped over Li Guo’s body, grabbed Sun Mo on the wrist of his clean hand, and pulled him out of the room.

Someone was about to remind Xu Ziyue that travelling alone was very dangerous, but Xu Ziyue walked too fast – too urgent – and by the time they chased after him to the classroom door, they found that the figures of the two had already disappeared, as if they were swallowed up by the darkness. The player could only return to the classroom, and continue to study the mirror fragment with the rest of the group.

On the other end, Xu Ziyue had only just pulled Sun Mo out of the classroom and ran a couple of steps before he suddenly stopped.

Sun Mo inquired, “Why did you stop?”

“I can’t see anything…” Xu Ziyue turned around to look at where the light was coming from in the classroom and thought about going back to ask for the flashlight. Then, he thought better of it, they probably wouldn’t willingly lend it to him anyways.

“Where were you headed?”

“Washroom… we need to wash your hand.” Xu Ziyue glanced over at Sun Mo’s other hand, but it was too dark and he couldn’t see anything.

Right now, it was just the two of them, standing in the dark, and heading towards the washroom… Not to mention that something disastrous had happened previously on the 6th floor washrooms. Xu Ziyue was starting to feel the dredgings of fear creep up his back.

The floor plans of the whole Lecture Hall was the same, and so however the washrooms were like on the 6th floor, it was exactly the same here on the 1st floor.

Thinking about that, everything felt even more scary.

Xu Ziyue switched from holding onto Sun Mo’s wrist to grabbing his whole arm. His teeth chattering, he managed to stammer out, “I, I, I… I’m a little scared.”

Sun Mo didn’t say anything useless such as ‘don’t be scared’, but he allowed Xu Ziyue to keep holding onto his arm. He took a step forward, “Follow me.”

Xu Ziyue nodded his head vigorously, and then realized that Sun Mo probably couldn’t see him, and so he replied “Mhm.” in agreement several times.

It was as if Sun Mo’s eyes could see in the dark, because he lead Xu Ziyue straight to the washroom without any fanfare, before flipping on the lights.

Once the light came on, Xu Ziyue let out a breath of relief.

He dragged Sun Mo over to the sink and turned on the faucet, before reaching over to pulled Sun Mo’s other hand under the water. In order to not let the atmosphere stagnate and turn eerie, and to reduce the fear in his heart, Xu Ziyue casually asked, “Just now it was so dark outside, and yet you managed to get us here perfectly, how did you do it?


That’s true…… compared to them players, these students had actually gone to this school for years.

It’s just that Xu Ziyue forgot to consider, this building was still brand new… where had the familiarity come from??

Having washed the hand, Xu Ziyue had originally planned to leave the washroom but he happened to raise his head and glance at the mirror. Inside, the reflection showed that behind them stood a third person, covered from head to toe in blood!

“Holy shit!” Xu Ziyue was so frightened that his whole body leapt up and clung onto Sun Mo, his hands and feet clasped tightly and his eyes also firmly shut. He was terrified that if he turned around and looked, he really would see something behind them.

“Sun Sun Sun…. Sun Mo!” As he tried to talk, Xu Ziyue’s eyes filled with tears. He wasn’t afraid of much, but he was terrified of ghosts and evil spirits and such paranormal things. Even dead bodies were better compared to that. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to go look in the mouth of the dead player.

Sun Mo ruthlessly pushed Xu Ziyue off of him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Xu Ziyue opened his eyes a tiny sliver and cautiously looked behind them. To his relief, there was nothing. Then, he forced himself to have some courage and warily looked at the mirror… there was nothing there either.

Xu Ziyue swallowed his saliva and then gripped onto Sun Mo’s arm again, holding on tighter than before. “I really, really am afraid… You, you, don’t push me away again, please, I beg you.” His pathetic appearance and earnestly pleading expression really was enough to cause most people’s hearts to soften.

It seemed to work, because this time, Sun Mo did not push away the Xu Ziyue who was acting like a gluestick.

It wasn’t until they had walked all the way back to the classroom and saw the other players that Xu Ziyue finally felt more at ease. It wasn’t that Sun Mo didn’t feel safe to be around, but just that when there’s more people, there’s safety in numbers, whereas when there’s few people, there’s always an uneasy feeling.

The group had already turned the mirror fragment up and down and left and right, but didn’t find anything. Towards the end, none of the players understood why Zhang Jing had tried so hard to obtain the fragment.

Finally, it was Zhang Jing who spoke up, explaining his previous actions.

“When I saw the mirror fragment in Li Guo’s mouth, I don’t know where it reflected, but it reflected light into my eyes. And then it was like I was witnessing a memory.” Zhang Jing’s forehead was wet with perspiration, and it was evident he was trying hard to suppress his pain. “In that memory, it was always in a classroom. Many people would come to install ceiling fans, all kinds of models, but they would always fall down. And then, one day, the fan didn’t fall down anymore. And that was the end of the memory.”

The group of people listening became even more confused. It if was just according to the memory, then the ceiling fan not falling down anymore definitely was a good thing.

But, there was a feeling that…. something else must have happened at the end….

Thinking to that newspaper article, the group of players began to animatedly discuss the memory. Many were sure that it was somehow related to that case with the ceiling fan.

At that, they all subconsciously lifted their heads to look up.

The fans above seemed to be completely new, and they were completely different from the one in their classroom. Their classroom only had one large ceiling fan in the middle of the room, but this room had five. There were four where the students sat, and one above the teacher’s podium.

By all accounts, the average classroom should have been equipped like this. But their classroom was different.

Not only did they only have one fan, it was also old and ratty looking.

It’s a good thing that Xu Ziyue was only really scared of ghosts and spirits and such. Since he felt the ceiling fan was strange, he moved a chair underneath and asked Sun Mo to spot him, before standing up to check on the fan.

The rest of the people saw Xu Ziyue doing this, and followed suit. With this inspection, they actually did find something strange.

“These ceiling fans should be brand new, but the paint has already started to peel. I just touched the a bit of the flaking part.” Xu Ziyue stretched out his hand for the others to see. “It’s all rust.”

“If it’s just rust on the outside, then that’s fine, but if it’s rusted on the inside…..” One of the more intelligent players began to point out.

If it was rusting from the inside out, then it was very dangerous for the students sitting below.

Normally, these fans could be used for many years. Rusting from the inside out was also unheard of. However, the events of this world were irrevocably linked to the ceiling fans, and therefore these anomalies could then be explained.

Zhang Jing glanced at the mirror fragment and then frowned. “Let’s leave and head upstairs for a look.”

Xu Ziyue hopped off the chair and walked next to Sun Mo.

This time, when Zhang Jing instructed everyone to hold hands, he also specifically called out to Xu Ziyue. Due to Xu Ziyue’s earlier performance, Zhang Jing had put away some of his prejudice and assumptions, and adopted a slightly better attitude towards him.

And so, with one hand holding onto another player and the other hand holding onto Sun Mo, Xu Ziyue and the other 10 or so players slowly moved up the building. By the time some of the girls had reached the 5th floor, there was an obvious push and pull on the hand-holding, clearly having become tired.

If this was the real world, then the police would have definitely protected the scene by putting up yellow caution tape. They also would have tidied up the area a little, and not let it remain as is.

But in this world, it really was ‘preserve the integrity of scene’ – not even the bodies were moved, but there was nobody there standing guard.

And so, by the time they reached the 5th floor, the air was already filled with an unimaginable stench, giving people the desire to vomit.

Xu Ziyue groused bitterly to Sun Mo about the lacking police standards, and then pinched his nose shut and tried to restrain the physiological urge to vomit, before standing stoutly once again at the door of the six floor’s ladies’ washroom.

A bold girl volunteered to search the bodies and so the boys stood off to the side.

Although in this world, ghost don’t care whether they kill men or women and where they do it, they still cared! A girl’s body… not to mention, dead body, they of course wouldn’t desecrate. Though, if there hadn’t been a girl brave enough to search the body, then a guy would have still volunteered in the end.

Of course, Xu Ziyue didn’t care about this because to him, biological sex was nothing. In his worldview, there was only the ultra good-looking, and the not so good-looking…

The first thing the girl did was to open the mouths of the dead players, to check if there was more fragments within.

But alas, the two had nothing in their mouths.

She then searched some other places on their bodies. It’s just that the two were much more severely injured than Li Guo was, so even if there were clues at the time, by now, it was all probably washed away by the bloody water milling on the floor.


A player let out a scream before crouching down and holding onto his head, curling up and shaking.

Everyone rushed over to surround the player, hurriedly asking,  “What’s wrong?”

The terrified player kept holding his head, not daring to look up. “There’s someone in the mirror!”

Xu Ziyue’s head whipped as he rushed to look over, but there was nothing abnormal in the mirror…..

“This is not a good place to talk. Let’s leave and find somewhere else to chat.” Zhang Jing glanced over at the girl who had finished searching the bodies but hadn’t found anything important, and then issued the command.

Zhang Jing could probably be considered the backbone of this group of players. At his words, everyone rushed to help up the crouched player and then head out.

“I saw it… There was a man in the mirror, he said ‘save me!’ and also said that we… Uh!”

The boy who was just being helped to his feet suddenly stared straight ahead, his body jerked twice, and then he died.

At the same time, the giant mirror in the washroom shattered with a crack into a variety of shapes and sizes, falling everywhere on the washroom floor.

Everything happened all at once, much too quickly for anyone to react.

Wolf Translator~


Shhh no talking about the mirror ghost, obviously it triggers the death flag!


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  1. I swear to you that I’m sure the boy was going to tell them that ML is evil and that’s why he died!!!!

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  2. Ohohohoohohohohh XD well that doesn’t really matter for MC, since he’s playing a different game entirely :3:3:3 tho maybe it sorta matters for ML since the scarier it is the more tofu he could eat uwu thanks for the chapter!

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