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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 | Arc 1.

Xu Ziyue subconsciously replied, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he also froze.

Even more intense was the reaction of the player standing in front of Xu Ziyue; in the darkness nobody could see, but his face paled to deathly white in an instant and his lips turned a frightful blue, his whole body had started shaking incessantly and his pupils had dilated, wide-eyed with fear.

At the very front, Zhang Jing’s heart gave a fierce jump and he quickly turned the flashlight on to its maximum brightness, before sprinting for the back of the line.

The sudden bright light caused Xu Ziyue’s pupils to contract, reflexively blinking shut and stepping back. It’s just his luck that he ended up stepping on a piece of raised tile, and started falling backwards.


He twisted his ankle.

Sun Mo adjusted his hold on him, allowing for Xu Ziyue to lean painfully on one foot.

It just so happened that Zhang Jing had also run over at this point – he hadn’t let go of the person he was holding though, and so the whole line of people were pulled to the back, ending up in a loose circle around the player who had been second-last in line.

Where Zhang Jing’s flashlight shown, there laid a dead body, face down on the ground and hand extended up, holding on to the player.

The player instantly let go in shock.

“Pa!” The body fell down onto the tile floor.

The player who had dragged this body along for half the walk trembled as he stuttered, “What, what is this, I, I hadn’t felt any resistance at all!”

Normally, if a person were to drag along someone who was lying face down on the ground, then they would without doubt feel a heavy force pulling back at them.

But this game world was not normal.

Zhang Jing squatted down and flipped the body over. “It’s  Li Guo.”

It was the player who had disappeared earlier; his body had been dragged by them halfway down the walkway.

“Move him to the lecture building. It’s not convenient to check for clues right here.”  Zhang Jing frowned and then looked up at Xu Ziyue. When he saw Sun Mo standing calmly beside Xu Ziyue, he gave a jerk in surprise and then felt irrepressible rage start to gather.

“Why did you call the NPC over! I told you to hold hands with the players just now! What are you doing! If you had held on, then none of this would have happened!” Of course, Zhang Jing knew that there was no use in getting angry with an NPC – therefore, all his anger was directed at Xu Ziyue.

Zhang Jing’s anger this time had some merit, so Xu Ziyue didn’t yell back like he had before. He calmly replied, “When I heard you say that, I held onto Sun Mo’s hand….. because I thought I wasn’t included in your group. Also, the player in front of me didn’t ask me to hold hands, so I didn’t give it any further thought.” After all, the fact that he was excluded from the group was very obvious, and Xu Ziyue himself was also very self-disciplined.

If Sun Mo hadn’t come, then he might have just shamelessly gone ahead and held hands with the group out of fright.

But since Sun Mo had appeared, and Zhang Jing happened to tell everyone to hold hands, and Sun Mo had taken the initiative to hold hands with him…… Xu Ziyue really hadn’t given the matter that much thought. It was all a series of coincidences.

And so, it had led to the development of the current scenario.

If this game had such things as an anger meter, then in the face of Xu Ziyue, Zhang Jing was certain he’d now be a full charge, the kind where he could immediately unleash the superpower associated with a full meter. He silently choked on his rage, his face flushed, and one had to admit, he looked quite different from the other gathered players.

Zhang Jing let out a deep breath, and decided to just ignore Xu Ziyue from now on. He picked out a player from the crowd who didn’t seem too scared, and the two of them carried the body towards the main lecture hall. As for Xu Ziyue, well, he was now ‘released to the wild’.

Xu Ziyue stood at the very end and stuck out his tongue.

From the beginning to the end, Sun Mo didn’t say a word.

The players’ luck seemed to get better, for nothing too bad happened during the rest of the trek.

Inside the main lecture hall, the players decided to congregate and rest in the innermost classroom of the first floor. Someone turned on a light, but it was unanimously agreed that not all the lights should be turned on – only the incandescent lamp sitting on the podium.

The players then decided to place Li Guo down on the middle of the floor, where the teacher most commonly stood.

Zhang Jing had the most courage out of everyone gathered, though Xu Ziyue quietly speculated that it was probably because he had the most experience in this game world and had gotten used to such things.

Li Guo’s body was lax, his eyes wise open, but his mouth tightly closed. There were no obvious wounds on his body, and even after Zhang Jing turned him over to check his clothes, nothing useful was found.

Most of the players didn’t dare to approach, and only stood off to the side, occasionally murmuring suggestions. “His mouth is a bit strange.”

Zhang Jing placed a hand on Li Guo’s chin and pried his mouth open.

Zhang Jing’s pupil’s shrank, but he still slowly extended a hand towards the inside of Li Guo’s mouth.

Xu Ziyue grasped Sun Mo’s arm and held on tightly, feeling inexplicably very nervous.



Xu Ziyue gave a start of fright, but still clambered up to the front and along with some others, tried to pry open Li Guo’s mouth

However, it was still too late – Zhang Jing’s index finger and thumb each had a piece cleanly bitten off. Li Guo’s mouth once again closed shut tightly.

As everyone knew, it was preached in Chinese medicine that the ten fingers were intimately connected to the heart – Zhang Jing curled up tightly on the floor, trying desperately to suppress the cry of pain, his left hand clinging to his right arm, not daring to touch the wound and yet not wanting to pull away. He could only tremble on the ground, heaving for breath. Tears fell out from his eyes, but he still clenched his teeth and didn’t let one pained sound through.

It’s just that he couldn’t control the low roars and whimpers emitting from his throat.

The crowd instantly devolved into a frenzied state.

The clothes provided in this game couldn’t be ripped, and therefore the players could only disrobe directly and hurry to wrap Zhang Jing’s hand in the clothes.

Zhang Jing hauled himself up with great effort, supporting himself with his shoulder, and his current expression caused Xu Ziyue to completely revise his opinion of the other. If this had happened to himself, then he would definitely be crying until he had no more energy left to breath!

The player beside Zhang Jing extended a hand, wanting to help, but in the end withdrew, scared that he would touch somewhere bad and end up causing even more pain.

Zhang Jing’s forehead was already covered in sweat, and add in the fact that when he had been lying on the ground, his forehead had picked up various particles of dust and dregs, he looked even more miserable. He heaved heavily, but he still managed through a trembling jaw, “His mouth… There’s something, in the mouth…. mirrors, mirror fragments.

However, because Zhang Jing had just been bitten to such an extent, even if he were to say that there was an important clue inside Li Guo’s mouth, it would be very difficult for any players to be willing to look inside.

The more Xu Ziyue looked at the scared crowd of players, the more anxious he became. He pushed aside the others and crouched down next to the body, once again opening Li Guo’s mouth.

“Hey, what are you going to do!”

“Be more careful ah!”

“He’s not going to sit up all of a sudden, right??”

The other players looked nervously at Xu Ziyue, and at this moment, felt the hostility that they had previously held towards him lessen quite a bit

Even Zhang Jing was staring intently at Xu Ziyue with a mild frown.

Xu Ziyue pulled open Li Guo’s mouth and the stench of blood rose up, rushing towards him. His stomach instantly rebelled again. He wasn’t sure if there really was a mirror fragment inside Li Guo’s mouth, but Zhang Jing’s fingers on the other hand……. staring at it caused even his own fingers to hurt.

Xu Ziyue breathed deeply and then turned to look pathetically at Sun Mo, saying, “Sun Mo, can you please give me the pair of chopsticks in the dinner I packed for you? I’ll find you another pair when I go back to my room later.”

The crowd: “…” Oh, they were wasting their worries.

Sun Mo creased his eyebrows, frowning, and then crouched down on the other side of Li Guo’s body.

Xu Ziyue thought that he was going to hand him the pair of chopsticks when he suddenly saw Sun Mo reach out a hand.

“Wait, Sun Mo…!”

Before Xu Ziyue could reacted, Sun Mo had already extended his fingers into Li Guo’s mouth, picked up the mirror fragment, and then raised it up to Xu Ziyue, intending to hand it to him.

The impact of Sun Mo inserting a hand into Li Guo’s mouth and taking out a mirror fragment was too stimulating, and coupled with the fact that Sun Mo had remained expressionless and nonchalant throughout the whole procedure, the image was too chilling.

Xu Ziyue fell backwards and sat down on the floor, cold sweat instantly gathering on his forehead and brows. He couldn’t help but stare straight at Sun Mo. “You scared me to death…….”

The Author has something to say:
Mo Mo: 【If you’ve given it to me, then it’s mine.】
Yue Yue: (ㅍ_ㅍ) It’s just disposable chopsticks…..
Zhang Jing: (╯`□′)╯~ ╧╧

Wolf Translator~


I guess hubby got upset with Zhang Jing constantly yelling at wifey? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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  1. Lol, using chopsticks really would be the smart thing to do in that situation. Who would willingly stick their fingers somewhere where they could be chomped off when you could use disposable chopsticks? Or you could open the corpse’s mouth after flipping it around and let gravity do the work. Boom, you get glass shards AND free fingers.

    Thanks for translating!

    Liked by 14 people

  2. Ah.. If I were there, I won’t get close to Zhang Jin, afraid that he’ll turn into zombie.

    But I still pity XZY, he was scared for nothing, because SM is the hidden boss of course the corpse wouldn’t bite him.

    Thank you for the translation..

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  3. Mirror, is it a mirror ghost in action that kill the players? And who the hell ML really is? Is he a ghost or a human? And what mustery covered the school?

    So many questions in my head!

    Curious, curious, curious! Thx for the chapter!

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  4. Thank you for translating !

    The mystery continues! Oh, I’m so excited to see where this’ll go!

    Lol Sun Mo is so nonchalant, he makes everything seem easy XD
    gotta get revenge for his bae though~

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  5. Whaaaa, im really liked the idea of the novel! Otome game in horror environment, how chilling. Its quite interesting to see how story develops, I really want to know what happening in school(at first I thought about School Mysteries but now who knows) and what boss our MC picked. Ohhh, ill be so happy if there will be the chap where we get to know what Sun Mo thinks about all this situation.
    Other players is so meeeeeeh. They’re cool and so on but may they be more attentive to their environment? It seems like they spent whole days talking to each other and neglecting NPC’s. And because of that they will be dead im sure. This whole situation is really remind me of all pixel horrors I played.

    Im really hyped to see whats next, actually im already interested what other arcs will be like and what horrors we will see. Haunted house? School legends? Cursed item that had innocent appearance but actually can kill you?

    P. S. Can I please translate this novel on Russian using your translation?

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    1. Wow thanks for this long comment and enthusiasm! We do get to see a bit of what Sun Mo is thinking later 🙂 I love watching people play pixel horror games!! (too scared to play myself lol) I’m so glad you like this story! And yes of course, translate away! Remember to link to the original Chinese author too 🙂

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  6. Y’know upon rereading this, I’m thinking that even without the threat of finger-chomping, it’d be preferable to use something else to open the mouth regardless. Cuz like….dead body.


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