Misplacement Game 21 [2.1]

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Chapter 21 | Arc 2.

When Xu Ziyue opened his eyes, the salty breeze of the ocean filled his senses, and before his eyes laid a vast and endless sea. Beside him stood many strangers that he did not know.

“This is the luxury cruise ship for our tour. The ship’s name is Westminister – it’s a little long so from now on, just refer to her as the luxury cruise ship. Everyone onboard will receive a stamp card, and over the next month, you will have the chance to partake in 20 different activities. Each time you experience an activity, you’ll receive a unique stamp. After you’ve gathered all the stamps, you will get a special gift from the owner of this Westminster Cruise Line!”

The speaker was a young man in a red T-shirt, a red hat, and waving a red flag in his hand as he spoke. He should be the tour guide.

When the tour guide’s words came to a pause, the System spoke up. “There are 100 players in this game. Outside of these players, all the NPCs qualify for your potential target.”

One…… One hundred? Xu Ziyue quickly looked around at the masses of people surrounding him, and realized that everyone had a green symbol floating above their head.

So, all these vacationers were actually players?

He tried to look past the people to the other side, and saw that even the ship corridors were very wide. However, with the main body of the ship in the way, he couldn’t see through to the other side.

The tour guide spoke up again, “Onboard this luxury cruise ship are other tourists from different countries as well, so it is not just us. Everyone must be friendly to establish good relationships between foreign countries! Otherwise, you will bear the consequences on your own!”

The players began to mutter amongst themselves, but did not ask any outright questions since it seemed that this tour guide NPC was not finished yet.

“This cruise ship has a total of 13 floors – everyone’s stamp card also includes information about your designated suite and floor. There are recreational facilities on every floor, so please be sure to stay in your own room and not change accommodations. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences on your own. Finally – at 8 p.m., there will be a performance! Everyone must come out and watch.”

If this kind of tour guide existed in the real world, the tour company would probably be drowned in complaints. However, at this moment, everyone gathered could only diligently write down what was just said.

Xu Ziyue fumbled with his shirt pocket, and found over his chest a card attached to a lanyard. The card was folded in half, with the left side having placeholders for 10 stamps, and the right side also having spaces for 10 stamps. On the front was his name and photo, and directly below that was his floor and room number.

Tenth floor, 1006.

Xu Ziyue tried to comfort himself that it was a good number.

“Are the others playing a different game again?” Xu Ziyue whispered.

The system didn’t answer, but he heard the players gathered beside him start to talk..

“The CLEAR condition just got issued. We need to experience these 20 activities in order to clear this Instance.”

“No way, it’s that simple?”

“What makes you think it’ll be easy? Even if you finish everything in one day, you’ll still have to wait a month before this ship docks!”

“So, we have to ensure we survive for 30 days…”

“Also, these activities…. who knows what will happen in them.”

Xu Ziyue blinked. Wow, he just figured out the CLEAR condition so much faster than last time.

But, that was probably because there really was too many players in this time’s Instance. It would be difficult to split off and talk privately. A group of 20 can have a leader, but for 100 people….. it would be hard to unite together under a common goal. Moreover, if someone wanted to speak, then they would probably need a megaphone like the one the tour guide had earlier.

But if that were to happen, then the NPCs with higher IQ would definitely figure out that something weird was going on.

It was only because there were many people and loose mouths that Xu Ziyue was able to so easily obtain the information he wanted.

He had – very luckily – once again mixed in with a crowd of players playing another game, it seemed.

Xu Ziyue grabbed at his hair and signed. It seems like once again, he wouldn’t be able to focus entirely on a dating-simulation game.

Xu Ziyue moved to the railing to look down, and he saw that the deck he stood on was at least 10 meters above sea level. The waves splashed against the hull, but Xu Ziyue could feel no discernible movement from the ship itself. He couldn’t remember where exactly, but he remembered reading once that the bigger a ship was, the less swaying one will feel from the movement of the sea.

With this experience, it seems that it really is true.

The players began to gathered together into the floors that they were going to live on. Xu Ziyue also followed suite and went to find the rest of the 10th-story players.

Each floor reported the number residents, and the total number of players did indeed add up to 100.

It’s just that… the cruise ship had a total of 13 floors, and yet nobody lived on the 13th floor.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t remember the name of the cruise ship, but it obviously sounded Western. With all the western superstitions regarding the number 13, he was surprised that there even was a 13th floor. Didn’t they usually just skip from the 12th floor to the 14th floor?

Though, he himself thought that the number was just a number…. he didn’t particularly dislike it – just a little afraid of the forshadowing for supernatural events to come.

“Well… everyone let’s return to our own rooms. There’s no way a hundred people can all act together – that would attract too much attention.”

Someone from the crowd suggested. Xu Ziyue actually didn’t want to return to his own room – he wanted to look around. Even though he was a young adult now, he had still never been on a cruise ship before. The only experience he’d had with boats was those little ones you could rent out in the park, the kind that included a paddle and you had to row for yourself. He had never been on anything as luxurious as this cruise ship.

This was a rare experience!

Despite there being a hundred people and therefore him sneaking off shouldn’t be that obvious, Xu Ziyue considered the fact that he might have a roommate or something, and so he reluctantly followed the other players to the 10th floor.

Altogether, five people lived on the 10th floor. Out of the 12 floors, this was a relatively small group of players.

Along the way, the four of them began to discuss the game.

“Of the tour guide’s words, I think there are 2 main points. One is to be friendly to those from other countries, and the other is to not freely change room accommodations. Both of these result in us dealing with the consequences ourselves… which I don’t feel too good about.”

“Also, a hundred people in one game! I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“This time, it’s very likely that if someone dies, we won’t even know their name.”

One of the girls saw that Xu Ziyue just silently listened, and so she took the initiative to ask, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I’m a bit clueless, so I just wanted to hear what you all had to say.” Xu Ziyue was scared that he would say something strange and expose himself.

With that, the others assumed that Xu Ziyue was a new player, and so they didn’t try to include him in the conversation anymore. It wasn’t out of unfriendliness, just more that there were pressing matters to discuss and they didn’t have the time to bring Xu Ziyue up to speed with everything that was going on, especially if he wasn’t going to say anything of use.

Xu Ziyue didn’t count how many rooms were on each floor, but he noticed that each of the players had their own rooms – none of the five shared a suite.

Xu Ziyue had a double room, which included a large double bed, a balcony, and a washroom. He excitedly flitted about, moving and touching everything, and only left when the other 4 players came to find him.

After all, since this was his first time, Xu Ziyue was a little excited.

Desperate to complete the tasks at hand, the other players stopped an employee and asked about the activities on the stamp card, and then diligently jotted down notes.

Xu Ziyue following along for the ride: ….

That afternoon, they looked around the entire cruise ship. Xu Ziyue also found out for the first time that cruise line technology was already so cutting edge.

There was a water park, a basketball court, and even a tennis court, all on a cruise ship! It’s just that the fellow players beside him seemed very nervous, so Xu Ziyue couldn’t bring himself to suggest that they go play a bit.

At dinnertime, they ate in the main restaurant. There were three different restaurants on the cruise ship: the main restaurant, the buffet, and the specialty cuisine. After the meal, they each received a stamp.

Twenty stamps went down to nineteen.

At eight o’clock in the evening, everyone gathered back at the deck and waited for the performance that the tour guide had mentioned.

The players around Xu Ziyue were all very nervous, but the other NPC tourists appeared very excited, eagerly waiting for the performance.

Xu Ziyue waved a greeting to the other players and then disappeared into the crowd.

He still needed to find his target for this Instance.

Even though he was in a new Instance, he still had to work diligently – he must find a good-looking target!

The performance was quite dazzling and striking, and after scanning the crowds a few times and seeing nobody catch his eye, Xu Ziyue directed his attention back to the performance.

The show finished at 11:30 p.m., and nothing uneventful happened. Towards the end, the other players finally relaxed a little bit.

Afterwards, Xu Ziyue didn’t immediately head back. It was hard for him to find a chance to explore by himself, so he naturally took this chance to walk around the ship again. By the time it was nearly 12 o’clock, Xu Ziyue saw that there were very few people left on the deck and so he hurried back to the 10th floor. On the way to his room, he passed by a door that was half-opened.

He had originally intended to close this door for the occupant, but as soon as he saw the person sitting on a wheelchair inside, Xu Ziyue ended up crouching on the floor next to the door.

Xu Ziyue repeatedly told himself that he wasn’t an idiot, but he still found it difficult to tear his gaze away from the man inside.

The other’s half-long locks were loosely tied with a ribbon, and it fell in rivulets onto his chest. A few curls swept over those closed eyes, the natural curve of his lips angling upwards, chiseled and full…. The hair scattered on both sides of his cheek gently framed face, raising with each breath he took. Xu Ziyue desperately wished he could become those locks of hair.

The other seemed to be of European descent, with deep-set eyes, a light skin tone, and a much higher nose-bridge than Xu Ziyue’s. Although he sat in a wheelchair, one could still see the vague outline of his legs in comparison to his body.

If he were to stand up, then his legs would be long and straight, and his body well proportioned. He was wearing a simple bathrobe and one could easily see the muscles of his chest and abdomen – the kind that you can only get after extensive, focused exercise.

As Xu Ziyue stared longingly, not willing to close the door, he suddenly found himself looking eye to eye with the man he was admiring.

“Plop” – Xu Ziyue fell onto the ground. He was just about to explain himself, but his legs disobediently gave out from under him and started cramping. It was probably because he had been crouching for too long.

“Ahh, It hurts…” Xu Ziyue shrivelled into a ball and held onto his legs, curled outside the door of a stranger.

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