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Misplacement Game 20a

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Chapter 20 Part 1| Arc 1.

Objective completed: Game cleared. You will return to the system space in half an hour.

The system, which had barely spoken this entire time, suddenly spoke up. However, these words actually caused Xu Ziyue more anxiety.

“But what happens to Sun Mo after I clear this Instance?”

Continue to perform his NPC duties in this world.

So that meant everything was still dependent on how Zhang Jing and the rest of the players cleared their Instance.

Xu Ziyue stood in place, searching anxiously from left to right, but he still could not see anyone.

His time was limited – only half an hour. Finally, Xu Ziyue grabbed the note and ran back to his room on the third floor, hurriedly took a pen, and then ran back to the second floor.

Tell me, what is the urn that Sun Xuebao is looking for and where is it?? If it’s burned, then what happens? Hurry!

Xu Ziyue put the note back in place, and then stared nervously at it. He could only hope that since he could see the note left behind by Sun Mo, then Sun Mo could also see the note he leaves behind.

In the next moment, a very magical scene happened in front of Xu Ziyue.

He saw both the cup – which was holding down the note – and the note itself vanish. It didn’t take long for these two things to reappear before him.

Under the bed in my room, would you like to see? I’ll open the door for you.

Xu Ziyue let out a breath of relief. Even though Sun Mo had ignored most of his questions, he had answered the most important one. As for Zhang Jing and them, they were still at the Lecture Hall digging around.

Tell me what happens if the ash is burnt!

Xu Ziyue put the note back, but even after waiting a while, the note still had no change. He thought about it and then took both the pen and paper and ran upstairs.

The door connecting the fifth floor to the sixth floor really had opened.

Xu Ziyue left the note in the stairwell, and then carefully walked in to Sun Mo’s room.

Before he reached the room, Xu Ziyue saw through the window the figures of Zhang Jing and the other players hurrying to the dorms.

Xu Ziyue gave a backwards glance at the stairwell, and then rushed into Sun Mo’s dormitory. He found a jar under the bed… no matter how one looks at it, it was obviously an urn filled with ashes.

Xu Ziyue nervously took it out, and then opened it to examine the inside. It was indeed filled with grey ashes, and Xu Ziyue was 80% sure that these were bone ashes.

He put the urn back under the bed, and then went to find some clutter to pile in front of the urn, hiding it from sight.

Xu Ziyue closed the door to Sun Mo’s room and ran back to the stairwell. As he passed the window, he saw some players gathering outside looking for something. As for the other players, they had likely already entered the building.

Xu Ziyue swallowed nervously and quickly closed the door to the sixth floor.

When he looked back, he realized that the note on the ground had some new words.

Probably die.

Xu Ziyue felt his heart tighten, his grip also tightening on the stairwell door’s handle.

Sun Mo’s writing was very neat. Placed next to Xu Ziyue’s sloppy writing, it looked especially nice. Looking at these words, Xu Ziyue could already imagine the light and dismissive expression Sun Mo probably had while writing.

What to do, what to do… Even though he had completed his objective, he really didn’t want Sun Mo to die! Although he was a ghost, he still had his own thoughts and ideas. The two of them weren’t all that different.

But he can’t let Zhang Jing and them get stuck here…

Xu Ziyue tried to think of an alternate way for them to clear this Instance.


But how can one rehabilitate a ghost?

A vague voice came from the direction of the stairs, and Xu Ziyue’s palms began to sweat.

Quick! Lock the door!

Xu Ziyue’s hand trembled as he wrote, and the note floated down to the ground.

He looked at the note as it disappeared, but even after waiting a while, the door still didn’t lock.

Even when the door had been shut by supernatural forces, Zhang Jing and them had wanted to come in. Now that the door was unlocked, there was no way they wouldn’t come here!

The piece of paper reappeared near the ground. Xu Ziyue grabbed the handle of the door and crouched down to see.

No need.

Xu Ziyue was so anxious he wanted to stomp his feet.

Hearing the sound of footsteps get closer and closer, Xu Ziyue could feel his hearting pounding harder and harder.

The footsteps stopped at the door. Xu Ziyue held his breath, closed his eyes, and waited to feel the door forced open. However, even after a moment, the door remained still and silent.

Were they hiding behind the door, waiting for him to open the door and take a look?

Xu Ziyue was shaken by his own imagination. Just as his tightly wrung nerves were about to snap, a cold palm rested itself on his neck.

“Holy shit!!!”

Xu Ziyue jumped up with a start and curled into a ball next to the door, completely forgetting to keep his grip on the door handle.

He held his head and trembled deeply, and then he heard a gentle laugh.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

Xu Ziyue cautiously opened his eyes a little, and turned his head to see Sun Mo standing behind him.

With a breath, he sat down on the ground and his eyes instantly became red, “Why are you scaring me!” It was only at this time that he noticed there were sounds outside of the door.

Though, this was a lot better than the eerie silence from before.

This was the first time that Sun Mo had seen Xu Ziyue like this. He crouched down in front of Xu Ziyue and gently wiped at the corners of his eyes.

Xu Ziyue glared without any heat at Sun Mo. “I didn’t cry.”

Sun Mo’s mouth curled up. “Mm.”

“You never smiled before, why are you smiling so much now?” Taking this chance, Xu Ziyue quickly reached up and touched the corners of Sun Mo’s mouth.

This is real… It’s too wonderful.

Xu Ziyue almost felt like this moment made up for all the heartache he had felt previously.

Xu Ziyue coughed two times, cleared his throat, and stood up to approach the window, looking outside. The players who were downstairs earlier were now gone.

“What happened to the others?” he asked.

Sun Mo replied: “They’ve completed their objective.”

Xu Ziyue’s expression grew stiff, “Completed their… How do you know about this?!”

Sun Mo walked over to Xu Ziyue, his dark eyes staring intently, “Probably because I was always there when you and them were discussing this.”

Xu Ziyue tried his best to urge his already-stiff mind to work. He… really had dragged Sun Mo to every discussion they’ve had about this Instance, right from the beginning. Even when he had been trying to get information out of Lu Renjia about the other players’ CLEAR conditions, Sun Mo had been there listening.

“So… You know everything?”

Sun Mo lifted a hand and tidied up Xu Ziyue’s hair, which had gotten quite messy from all his running around. “I am not an idiot.”

“But… But they cleared this Instance… How can…” Xu Ziyue stared dumbly at Sun Mo in front of him.

His look was a little silly, and this thoroughly pleased Sun Mo.

Sun Mo replied, “People’s thoughts and feeling are constantly changing. At one moment, a father can love and spoil his child to no end. In the next moment, once he finds out this child isn’t his, he will hate that child immensely.”

Xu Ziyue was more than a little dazed, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know how you guys judge, but I have control over my own thoughts. It seems that the moment I considered changing my mind, they managed to successfully clear this Instance.”

Xu Ziyue stared back blankly. This was okay?

This was totally cheating the system, right?!!

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Everything is saved by the power of love 🥰
    In a good way haha. So relieved Sun Mo didn’t have to go through bad things. But what changed from his mind? Did he want to kill the players or Sun Xue Bao?? I didn’t perceieve him as a bad ghost 🤔

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  2. Everyone gets to live. What a lucky ending. It looks like the other players will all be pretty confused, though. I wonder what they’ll do if they encounter the MC again.


  3. Yes! Redemption! Sun Mo lives… (@_@;) … Please let next be Sun Mo ascends to afterlife/reincarnation/heaven and doesn’t just wander around on his own for eons before disappearing (。ŏ﹏ŏ) Thank you for the chapter ❤️


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