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Misplacement Game 19

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Chapter 19| Arc 1.

Xu Ziyue heard Sun Mo give a light laugh, a sound that was soft and warm. Xu Ziyue was a little dazed, but when he regained his senses, he hurriedly put his hand down. He wanted to see Sun Mo’s handsome face light up in laughter!

But there was no one in front of him.

Xu Ziyue turned around, checking all around, but he did not see anybody.

“Sun Mo? Sun Mo?” He shouted out loud several times. However, he did not get an answer. Furthermore, because the whole building was empty, his voice echoed around the hallways, adding to an already eerie atmosphere.

The dormitory was already very scary… with Sun Mo now gone, Xu Ziyue felt like he couldn’t physically stay there any longer.

But he also had no idea where to even begin looking for Sun Mo. Who knows where the other had gone?

Xu Ziyue breathed deeply a few times to give himself some courage, and then ran to the 5th floor to search. Without Sun Mo, he couldn’t get past the door and into the 6th floor.

Since he couldn’t find Sun Mo, Xu Ziyue could only go look for Lu Renjia.

Sun Xuebao’s only goal was Sun Mo – therefore, he probably wouldn’t go around causing trouble for other people.

Though, Xu Ziyue was quite certain that the final BOSS was actually Sun Mo.

Other than Lu Renjia, all the other players were still under Sun Xuebao’s hypnosis and probably would not find any useful clues. As for the Lu Renjia, well, he probably thought Sun Xuebao was the BOSS at this point.

Xu Ziyue speculated as he ran back to the main building. Along the way, while keeping an eye out for Sun Xuebao, he noticed that the campus seemed to be entirely deserted –  even the usual students milling about were gone.

As Xu Ziyue ran past the woods, he suddenly noticed a group of people – upon closer look, it was actually the rest of the players! However, they actually appeared even more surprised than Xu Ziyue.

One of them even spoke his mind.

“Whoa, you’re not dead.”

Xu Ziyue stopped where he was, standing not too far from the group and casting a suspicious glance at them, “What do you mean, I’m the one who thought you were all dead.”

When Sun Xuebao had fallen down from the 6th floor, he had wondered if something happened to the other players. However, he wasn’t an idiot who would go running headfirst into danger, and so he hadn’t gone up to investigate.

Zhang Jing also stared with suspicion at Xu Ziyue. Ever since the first day, wherever Xu Ziyue went Sun Mo would follow. Now, Sun Mo was no where to be seen, leaving Zhang Jing to suspect whether Xu Ziyue was even human anymore.

Lu Renjia patted his pants and stood up with a grim expression on his face.

“You were tricked by Sun Xuebao before, and he replaced one of us,” Lu Renjia announced.

Zhang Jing nodded, “Well, we know that now. But this is also a blessing in disguise.”

“What do you mean?” Xu Ziyue and Lu Renjia had no idea what was going on – their experience last night was very different compared to that of the other player’s.

“Last night, our bedroom door suddenly closed. At first we were all in a panic and we tried everything to get out. But it didn’t work and then we fell asleep.”

“I dreamt of something while we were sleeping, and that helped me determine the BOSS of this Instance.”

Zhang Jing looked straight at Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue suddenly had a bad feeling.

“The BOSS is that Sun Mo who’s around Xu Ziyue. When we woke up, Xu Ziyue you were gone, and Sun Mo who’s always following you had also disappeared,” Zhang Jing looked sharply at Xu Ziyue, “You are always with him. Did you discover his identity a long time ago, and now you want to hide him from us?”

Xu Ziyue looked at them, a flicker of indistinguishable emotion passing through his eyes. Back when they thought he was useful, they were polite. and now that they suspected him, all facades were gone.

What’s more, all of Zhang Jing’s words were complete speculation without any proof.

Xu Ziyue replied, “How would I know exactly when you would figure out the BOSS’ identity, and hide him precisely at that time? What’s more, is the BOSS someone that I can just hide whenever I want? Also, I don’t believe that if he really were here right now, all of you can stand here so confidently. You’d probably have all run off at the first possible second.”

Zhang Jing frowned, “It’s better that we don’t see him. We already know the method of clearing this Instance. If you still want to live, then you’d better not do any unnecessary things.

Before Xu Ziyue had come over, Zhang Jing and the other players had already thoroughly discussed about him. As for Xu Ziyue’s plans, none of them could figure out what he was thinking.

Nobody wants to die, and the only way to survive was by clearing this Instance. However, they didn’t believe that Xu Ziyue wouldn’t figure out Sun Mo’s real identity after spending all this time with the other. If he was purely infatuated with the other’s pretty face and didn’t to deal with the BOSS… well, sorry – the rest of the players could not accept this.

What’s more important – your life, or someone’s pretty face??

If anyone chose the latter, then they were a brainless madman.

Xu Ziyue watched as almost all the players grabbed shovels and started digging around the flower beds.

“Didn’t Sun Xuebao mention it? Find a jar of ashes and burn it. Then, we can clear this Instance.” A girl – seeing Xu Ziyue watch with a face full of confusion – decided to explain.

Xu Ziyue opened and closed his mouth a few times, speechless. Sun Xuebao hated Sun Mo that much…. would this method really just seal him, and not do something worse?

Xu Ziyue ran over to see where Sun Xuebao had fallen down, but only found a bloody smear on the ground. It seems that Sun Xuebao had chased after Sun Mo. Though, when he had jogged over, he hadn’t seen either of them on his way.

“Where are the other NPCs?” Xu Ziyue ran back to the players and asked.

“Can’t you see the countdown to when this Instance finishes? At this time, nothing will interfere with us. We have to complete the CLEAR condition! Otherwise, once the countdown is over, we’ll go straight into Escape Mode. If that happens, we will probably all die!”

Xu Ziyue scratched his cheek awkwardly. He didn’t have a countdown ah.

But his anxiety was no less than that of the others, because if Zhang Jing and them really did find what they were looking for, then Sun Mo whom he really liked would most likely disappear.

Xu Ziyue took a stick and acted like he was looking as well, half-heartedly poking here and there. Then, he slowly moved to the outskirts of the group, before leaving the others running back to the dormitory.

Even though Sun Mo seemed to have entered into a quarantined state right now, he still wanted to look for the other.

Running back to the second floor of the dormitory, Xu Ziyue noticed a piece of paper held in place on the stairwell by a glass cup. Although he didn’t know what Sun Mo’s handwriting looked like, the contents of the note gave away the writer’s identity.

——Thank you, I like you too.

Xu Ziyue thought of Sun Mo’s laughter, gentle and soft, completely different from Sun Xuebao’s maniacal vibe.

He could almost imagine seeing this gentle version of Sun Mo in front of him, a look so captivating and intoxicating.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. *reads note* Ah? Big explosion!🤯 (꒪⌓꒪)
    Oi oi that was to sudden of a confession, I wasn’t prepared!

    Thanks for the chapter ~♡

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  2. No bc /I/ would have said- why should y’all even trust your own judgment, considering that Lu Renjia is the ONLY left uncompromised? Trust my mans Renjia. What does HE want to do?? Or do y’all just believe every vision you get? Clearly the vast majority of ghosts being against the one dude don’t mean jacksht to y’all. Noooooo, continue to trust in THAT particular guys’ words. MUST be the correct thing to do, and not bc it’s the ONLY thing to do. Idiots. It’s one thing to not trust XZY, it’s a whole other thing to put your trust in the first weirdo that “offers help”.

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