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Misplacement Game 18

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Chapter 18| Arc 1.

As Xu Ziyue and Lu Renjia stood there talking, Xu Ziyue suddenly remembered that there was also someone else standing nearby – the suspected BOSS NPC, Sun Mo.

“Cough cough…” Xu Ziyue coughed twice and turned to look at Sun Mo’s expression. However, he couldn’t discern anything, so he asked directly, “Sun Mo, you are not intrigued by what we are saying?”

“All good.”

When compared to Sun Xuebao, Lu Renjia simply felt that Sun Mo was an angel. In this case, the calm and serene Sun Mo brought to Lu Renjia a boundless sense of security.

Of course, it was also because of this matter that Lu Renjia completed disregarded the fact that Sun Mo might be the ultimate BOSS.

How could there exist a BOSS this calm and serene?

Xu Ziyue raised his head and looked at the direction of the Lecture Hall’s sixth floor. Lu Renjia and the rest of the player’s current situation was very much like when one is caught in a stump. They couldn’t find any more clues so they could only stay in one place. However, things would not stop just because they had stopped – Sun Xuebao was still out there, casting his looming shadow upon them.

Xu Ziyue, however, was different. He didn’t even know how much he had progressed in his task of capturing Sun Mo’s heart.

Probably, his situation was most like that of a false sense of security, since he had no idea what was actually going on.

Xu Ziyue wasn’t too worried about his own matters, but Lu Renjia’s affairs were different. He thought about those NPCs staring maliciously at Sun Xuebao, and started discussing the various potential reasons with Lu Renjia as they walked.

“I don’t know, I really have no idea. That scene in the classroom was too horrible, I don’t know if they started out like this. If that’s always been the case, them looking at us like that when we weren’t paying attention…” Lu Renjia shuddered.

Xu Ziyue turned his head and addressed Sun Mo, “Those NPCs, could they be those things I saw before in the dormitory?”

This guess was just Xu Ziyue’s bold assumption. Since Sun Mo had once stated that those ghost with grievances would attend class in the daytime, then it was very likely they’d come to class with the players.

Sun Mo nodded, confirming Xu Ziyue’s guess.

Those ghosts with grievances wanted to find Sun Xuebao… And so they followed him to class. Sun Xuebao still obviously had no idea this was happening. Xu Ziyue swallowed, feeling a little fear for Sun Xuebao’s impending encounter, but also felt a little lighter knowing that their own impending danger would be resolved soon.

But if that’s the case… Then what was really going on with Sun Mo??

Xu Ziyue bit his thumb and looked at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo tilted his head and looked back. “What’s the matter?”

“No… Nothing.” Xu Ziyue turned to look at Lu Renjia instead, only to see the other staring blankly at the stairwell. He didn’t know if the other was afraid of Sun Xuebao running out, or if he was waiting for the other players to regain their senses and come running out.

“If the BOSS dies, will you guys clear the game?”

Lu Renjia was a bit dazed and felt that Xu Ziyue’s question was somewhat strange, “Yah we can… But in that case, I heard that the next game will have a major increase in difficulty, so generally this method isn’t used.” This information was clearly written in the Beginner’s Guide… did Xu Ziyue not even read it?

So, if something happens to Sun Xuebao, then Xu Ziyue would be able to confirm whether or not Sun Mo really was the BOSS. After these few days, no matter whom one asks, the BOSS candidate could only be one of these two. There was no third option.

Speculation is one thing, but the truth was another. Xu Ziyue needed some evidence to support his thoughts.

Just as he was thinking, a heavy thump came from up the stairs. As Xu Ziyue turned around to look up, a mass of meat fell down from the sixth floor, splashing blood upon Xu Ziyue’s face upon impact with the ground. Before Xu Ziyue could get a closer look though, he felt a cold palm cover his eyes, blocking his vision.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Sun Mo’s dispassionate voice echoed in his ear. Xu Ziyue instantly felt the biting cold emanating from his body dissipate a little from Sun Mo’s proximity. He blinked slowly, his lashes gently sweeping along Sun Mo’s palm.

Xu Ziyue reached up and pulled Sun Mo’s hand away, strongly resisting his rising nausea and forcing himself to look at the ground…. because the object had fallen too fast, Xu Ziyue hadn’t even had a chance to see what it was before his eyes were covered.

It wasn’t actually a lump of bloody meat, but rather a person who appeared to have had all their bones broken. The twisted limbs were still in one piece, but the clothes and all visible skin were so stained with fresh blood that upon first glance, it really looked like a ball of minced meat.

But once one takes a closer look, they can see that it was obviously a person. Also, it was a person that Xu Ziyue had seen not long ago.

Over to the side, Lu Renjia had no one to lean on, and no one to cover his eyes for him. With such a sudden and bloody stimuli, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he directly fainted.

Xu Ziyue turned to rest his gaze on Sun Mo. Sun Xuebao should be dead by now, but Lu Renjia still hadn’t cleared the game, so…. That means….

Just as Xu Ziyue was about to think more, the body on the ground actually quivered and then straightened up, blood-stained red eyes glaring hatefully at Sun Mo who had Xu Ziyue in a protective half-embrace.

“You know after all…” Sun Xuebao spat out, “I’m going to kill you… I’ll be sure to kill you!!!”

A gurgling sound emitted from his throat, as if blood was struggling to seep out and yet, he swallowed it down every time. Sun Xuebao tried to get his broken bones and limbs together and stand up, but each time he collapsed back into that puddle of blood.

“You told them to do this to me! It’s you!” Sun Xuebao once again fell on the blood-stained grass. This time, he didn’t get up, but rather wiggled and twisted his limbs, trying to make his way over to Sun Mo.

It was a very grotesque scene.

Xu Ziyue reached out to pull Sun Mo away, ready to leave in a hurry. Sun Xuebao was obviously dangerous – normal people would have long ago died in this state, but not only was Sun Xuebao still alive, he could also partially move and talk without issue.

When he had just fallen down, Sun Xuebao couldn’t move or talk. And yet now, a few moments later, he was slowly making his way over to their direction…

This caused Xu Ziyue to have some bad premonitions.

However, Xu Ziyue couldn’t cause Sun Mo to budge at all.

In fact, Sun Mo was even walking towards Sun Xuebao.

Xu Ziyue hesitated for a moment, but still followed Sun Mo over. If Sun Xuebao suddenly lunges forward, then at least he could pull Sun Mo out of the way.

“Shouldn’t you be very clear as to why they hate you?” Sun Mo crouched in front of Sun Xuebao, looking down at Sun Xuebao’s bloodied body in disgust.

This was the first time that Xu Ziyue had seen Sun Mo show such visible emotion. It appeared, he was slightly angry?

Sun Xuebao replied angrily, “If they want to hate, then they should hate you! If it wasn’t for you, then they would not have died!”

“You’re wrong. Isn’t this all your doing?”

“No! It’s all you!”

Sun Mo smiled faintly, “And what about your two followers?”

Sun Xuebao’s face showed intense panic, “No, no, they wanted to kill me! If I hadn’t killed them, then I would have been dead!”

“They didn’t want to kill you, they only wanted to tell the others what you had done. And yet, you killed them. Therefore, the way you look right now, you fully deserve it.” Sun Mo looked at Sun Xuebao again, “Look at that, I kept you sealed in the mirror for so many years, and yet you still haven’t arrived at the correct conclusion.”

Sun Mo’s words seemed to have prodded Sun Xuebao’s tender spot, because the latter’s eyes flared up in anger again. “It’s all because of you!”

Sun Mo stood up and arrogantly looked down on Sun Xuebao, “I didn’t kill anyone. I just… showed up in front of them when they wanted to hide what had happened, and after they died, I let them do as they pleased. As you can see, there were a lot of people in our class. And now, they are all here, accompanying me.”

Sun Mo stated calmly, “You yourself decided to run out of the mirror, and so you became like this. You can’t blame me.”

Xu Ziyue stood there, stunned by what he was hearing.

So when Sun Xuebao had cried “save me” from the mirror, he was telling the truth, because he really was trapped in the mirror and couldn’t leave. It was only after contacting the players and possessing someone that he came out, only to find that there was an entire class full of vengeful ghosts out for his blood.

Those vengeful ghosts with grievances who would sleep in the dormitory at night and attend class during the day was probably the class of students who had died under that ceiling fan years ago.

Xu Ziyue lifted his head to look up, only to see a crowd of NPCs gathered by the window and staring at them. The male NPCs were okay, but those female ones with the long hair… they looked like a bunch of heads hanging out of the window.

At this moment, the frightened Lu Renjia finally woke up.

However, when he saw Sun Xuebao crawling on the ground, he fainted once again.

“I am definitely, definitely going to kill you!” Sun Xuebao’s wounded shoulder left a trail of blood smear on the ground, but he was still relentlessly crawling over to where Sun Mo was.

Xu Ziyue thought of the NPCS watching them from the sixth floor, and resolutely pulled on Sun Mo, intending to drag the other to the dormitory. This time, he succeeded in pulling the other.

He didn’t dare go to the sixth floor of the dorms, and last night the third floor was also rather creepy, so Xu Ziyue decided to stop on the second floor, releasing his hold on Sun Mo.

As he gasped for air, he looked over accusingly at Sun Mo, “You… You didn’t tell me about any of that.”

“You didn’t ask me.” Now that he wasn’t facing Sun Xuebao, Sun Mo’s expression returned to its original appearance.

Xu Ziyue nodded and did not deny the fact, “I didn’t ask you.” Before when he had asked all those other questions, Sun Mo had replied honestly and without hiding anything, “Then I’ll ask you now. What exactly is going on between you and that Sun Xuebao?”

“You want to know?”

“Of course I want to know!” Xu Ziyue glared at Sun Mo. Everyone has curiosity ah, though to be fair, this was more than just plain curiosity…

Sun Mo stared at Xu Ziyue, his dark eyes containing an incomprehensible depth to it. It was almost too deep, but the question he asked was completely irrelevant to the previous topic. “Even if I don’t tell you, and you only know what you’ve seen so far, would you still like me?”

Xu Ziyue blinked. Being stared at so intently by Sun Mo was causing him to feel a bit nervous.

Xu Ziyue raised a hand to cover his eyes, breaking off the intense eye contact. Sun Mo’s gaze really was too smouldering! “Whatever it was you did… And the fact that I like your face… They shouldn’t be relevant?”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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