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Misplacement Game 17

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Chapter 17| Arc 1.

Lu Renjia gave a full-bodied shudder.

Xu Ziyue nervously swallowed his saliva, and then stepped forward with pretend calm. “This has nothing to do with you!”

If one were to look at the order of death, then Sun Mo who had died first was most likely to be the big BOSS of this scenario. However, looking at Sun Xuebao’s dramatic style and performance…. most people would think that he was actually the hidden BOSS!

Xu Ziyue’s legs were soft like jelly,  but he did not take a step back. No matter who the actual BOSS was, Sun Mo and Sun Xuebao were ultimately on two opposing sides. Since he had already chosen to stand with Sun Mo, then there was no turning back now.

To be a valiant hero saving a damsel was every man’s dream – even though he wasn’t that powerful, he still had his courage!

Ah, if only the ‘damsel’ in this case wasn’t the cold and calm Sun Mo standing behind him…. he probably didn’t care at all whether Xu Ziyue had courage or not.

Closely watching Sun Xuebao, Xu Ziyue inadvertently saw behind the other and into the classroom.

He had just curiously taken a glimpse to see what the other players were up to, but what he saw caused his whole body to freeze.

The NPCs in the classroom were behaving as usual – two or three groups of people huddled together speaking softly – but the expressions on their faces, especially their eyes, was very strange.

Their opened mouths stretched across the face, distorting into inhuman shapes. It was as if their facial muscles had lost their elasticity, with some grins stretching so wide it reached their eyes! The whole face was like a grotesque painting… And finally, their eyes protruded out of the sockets, staring unblinkingly at Sun Xuebao.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t see the faces of those NPCs who had their backs to Sun Xuebao, but even those who were standing at an angle had the same expression.

From Xu Ziyue’s perspective, he couldn’t even see the sclera of their eyes; it was as if those NPCs staring over only had large black holes!

And the most chilling fact was that their actions and mouths still moved in accordance with their role of ordinary students; writing in their books or making small talk with deskmates.

Only their face revealed their abnormality.

Lu Renjia also glanced behind Sun Xuebao and he immediately began to shiver, his teeth clattering together.

“Behind you…” Xu Ziyue started, trying to distract Sun Xuebao.

“You want to trick me…” Sun Xuebao kept the strange smile on his face, and did not look back.

“Pah” – Lu Renjia’s legs gave out under him and he collapsed onto the ground.

Sun Xuebao did not even pay him a smidgen of attention, his eyes focused entirely on Sun Mo who was standing behind Xu Ziyue.

Sun Xuebao’s smile turned malicious, “You can rest assured… This time, I will make sure you die thoroughly.”

Xu Ziyue looked behind and found that Sun Mo wasn’t even looking at Sun Xuebao. Of course, he also wasn’t looking at Xu Ziyue, but rather at the classroom full of the eerie NPCs.

Xu Ziyue noticed that those strange NPCs and Sun Mo seemed to have exchanged glances, but the implied meaning was beyond him. After all, if was rather difficult to differentiate specific emotions from those grotesque faces.

Then, Sun Xuebao turned to look Xu Ziyue, “You are still in the dark about so many things…. His father is a murderer. Don’t follow him. Come, come with me.

Xu Ziyue shook his head hard. He wasn’t stupid – one would only have to look at the crowd of eerie NPCs to see that no one wanted to ally themselves with Sun Xuebao. However, it seemed like Sun Xuebao did not detect this fact at all.

But the murderer… whether it really was Sun Mo’s father… Wait, murder?

Xu Ziyue suddenly remembered seeing a related article when he had been going over old newspapers in the library.

“A man from Upper Shangyang had committed a homicide, killing a local ruffian, and had been sentenced to death.”

And at that time, Sun Mo had been next to him, and he had seemed particularly focused when reading that news article!

Xu Ziyue hadn’t paid much attention at that time, but now that he thought about it… The picture of the murderer printed on the article might have been Sun Mo’s father!

At that moment, the bell rang.

Xu Ziyue felt very relieved because this meant he wouldn’t have to face Sun Xuebao any longer.

Currently, Sun Xuebao had some conditions imposed on him and he couldn’t move about freely.

For example, he had to attend class as a student.

However, they – as players – were different.

Xu Ziyue clenched his teeth, pulled up Lu Renjia from the ground, grabbed Sun Mo’s hand, and then made a run for it!

As he was running out, Xu Ziyue turned back to glance at Sun Xuebao, only to see the other standing there quietly with dark expression, leaving a very deep impression on his mind.

And so two people and one ghost ran out of the Lecture Hall and into the open. Once they stepped outside, Xu Ziyue took big heaving gasps of air, but Sun Mo wasn’t breathing hard at all, as if he hadn’t just sprinted out of the building.

As for Lu Renjia, even though he was tired from the sudden running, one could see that he was still ecstatic at having escaped the terrible scene indoors.

Once Xu Ziyue evened out his breathing, he said, “You guys must clear this game right away, either by sealing the BOSS or by rehabilitating him. Otherwise, I feel like that Sun Xuebao might start a killing spree at any moment!”

“Don’t you have to clear it too… Why do you say ‘you guys’?” Lu Renjia whispered back, but because of Xu Ziyue’s decisive actions just now, Le Renjia already saw Xu Ziyue in a position similar to Zhang Jing’s.

Basically, his pillar for continued survival.

Xu Ziyue rolled his eyes. Silly child, I used the “you guys” because we have different conditions for clearing this game ah. He couldn’t help but look at Sun Mo’s face, but no matter what, he couldn’t detect how the other felt about him.

Does Sun Mo like me? He seem to treat me differently from the others. After all, we had slept together in the same bed. But what if he doesn’t like me?

Xu Ziyue internally shook his head. Impossible, Sun Mo must like me at least a little.

But thinking about it… Sure enough, the uncertainty still caused him to feel a little sad.

“Also ah, it’s impossible to rehabilitate the BOSS.” Lu Renjia patted some dust off himself. “One, we might not even find the BOSS before we are killed, and two, do you even truly believe that we could succeed in rehabilitating the BOSS of a survival game?”

Xu Ziyue nodded slowly, that was indeed the truth.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. I am dubious about these games. Could it be, the commissioner of the players in horror games is Sun Xuebao since their task is to seal the BOSS – which coincides SXB’s goal? But, the players also could rehabilitate the BOSS – which coincides with MC’s task. I think, MC’s game is an outside helper here. Either ML gives up and wanting to be sealed to end his suffering, or he also has hopes thus, he commissioned MC’s game to rehabilitate him? ML looked harmless as the BOSS. So, for the players of the horror games… maybe their task giver had both been commissioned by SXB and ML, thus the players can either seal the BOSS – which is SXB’s goal, or rehabilitate the BOSS – with MC as a helper. Maybe, MC’s game overlapped the horror games since the task giver of the horror games are scums who wanted the best of both worlds, thus MC’s game has to intervene to save the BOSS? Since rehabilitating the BOSS is indeed harder – since they don’t know how to execute this, thus they would likely choose to seal the BOSS.

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