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Misplacement Game 15b

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Chapter 15 Part 2| Arc 1.

As soon as Sun Mo walked out, the sounds of whispering from the room on the right stopped.

“Is there something in the other room? Are they going to be okay?” Xu Ziyue asked Sun Mo.

Sun Mo turned to stare at Xu Ziyue’s worried expression, and this in turn made Xu Ziyue quite uncomfortable.

Xu Ziyue muttered, “What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like this?”


Xu Ziyue didn’t know if Sun Mo’s ‘Nothing’ was in reply to his first question regarding the other rooms, or him asking what was the matter.

Lu Renjia simply didn’t dare to go to the bathroom since there was a mirror inside. Thinking of Sun Mo’s bloody back, Xu Ziyue washed up as quickly as he could and ran out as soon as he was done. However, the mirror ghost did not appear.

Even so, Lu Renjia refused to go in.

Xu Ziyue could only choose to ignore him.

He took Sun Mo’s hand and led the other to his bed. Like with Sun Mo’s, Xu Ziyue’s bed was also an upper bunk. As they both laid down, Xu Ziyue gently clutched on to Sun Mo’s hand. Since the bed was quite narrow, with the both of them lying down, half of his body was closely pressed onto Sun Mo’s arm.

Xu Ziyue pulled at the quilt and then asked in a whisper, “What will happen to the people next door? And what did you mean earlier by those who promised Sun Xuebao? What exactly is out there in the halls? Can you deal with them? Why did they follow you to this floor?”

Sun Mo looked at him in exasperation, “You have so many questions.”

“That’s because you don’t tell me anything ah. If you tell me, then I’ll know and won’t ask anymore.”

Sun Mo thought for a moment, and replied, “If you want to go out, I can open the door, but there really isn’t a point. The other people will be okay. Those things outside, you can think of them as ghosts with grievances.”

“Grievances…” Xu Ziyue slowly repeated the word. This word was very easily associated with resentment and such things like that.

But those with resentment always have a goal, and Sun Mo had already said that they will find those who had agreed to help Sun Xuebao.

Had he agree back then? Xu Ziyue really couldn’t remember what he had said to Sun Xuebao, but thus far nothing had happened to him, though that could very likely be due to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo could open the doors, but he had said that there was no point. After all, what would they do next after leaving the room? Escape? Where would they escape to? Since there was no harm in staying put, then there was no need to escape.

Xu Ziyue clenched Sun Mo’s hand tighter. “Then, what is that on your back?” He didn’t even wait for Sun Mo to reply before continuing, “Don’t try to lie to me, I’ve also seen something like that on Sun Xuebao.”

Sun Mo and Sun Xuebao’s back held very little difference – both had bleeding wounds which showed no signs of healing.

But when Sun Mo wore his usual clothing, one couldn’t tell at all… This was the only difference between him and Sun Xuebao.

Sun Mo’s lips quirked up, forming a very obvious smile, “Yup. I carved that onto his back.”

Xu Ziyue felt his throat become a little dry. “And what about you?”

Without even waiting for Sun Mo’s answer, Xu Ziyue answered it himself. “It was him who carved it, right?’

Xu Ziyue buried his face into the crook of Sun Mo’s neck, and with the breaths of hot air, Sun Mo actually felt the illusion that he had body heat once again.

“I knew he wasn’t any good.” Xu Ziyue muttered in a low voice.

Sun Mo reached out a hand and lightly touched Xu Ziyue on the top of his head, his mouth forming a small, genuine smile..


That night, Xu Ziyue dreamt again. However, this time the dreams seemed to have nothing to do with Sun Mo.

He saw a woman being yelled at. She was pliantly and weakly bowing, trying to pick up beans which had been scattered on the ground. However, the beans were both small and numerous, and they were scattered over a large area. Who knows how long it would take to pick up everything, and how sore her back would be?

All the people around her were turning a blind eye, pretending they did not see anything.

To the side, a woman stood and looked on coldly. Every so often, she would also give a few words of rebuke.

Then, he saw Sun Xuebao approach, carrying a school backpack and running towards the woman who was standing on the side. That woman immediately changed her expression and she became gentle and loving, taking Sun Xuebao’s bag and leading him away. As the sky gradually blackened, the female who was still crouched on the ground only managed to pick up a little bit of the beans. In the distance, a figure gradually approached….

Xu Ziyue woke up.

He looked at the ceiling and fell into a daze, staring at the white-as-snow paint.

Sun Mo was already up but he hadn’t left. He was sitting on the chair below.

“Where’s Lu Renjia?” Xu Ziyue ran a hand through his hair, and climbed down from the bed.

“He left with the others.”

The door that was tightly closed last night was now easily opened. Xu Ziyue fiddled with the lock with quite some time, feeling puzzled.

Xu Ziyue asked, “Why do these doors open during the day and close at night?”

“Because like you and me, they have to head to class.”

Xu Ziyue gave a shiver and sneezed.

If what Sun Mo said was true… then it was like these ghosts with grievances were coexisting with them. When he slept, they also slept. They even locked the doors to ensure that they didn’t wander around at nighttime. During class, they were also there, sitting next to them as their classmates, staring at them and watching their every move….

If those NPCs were all these unclean things….

Xu Ziyue trembled and decided to stop thinking.

He shouldn’t encourage such an active imagination.

On their way to the classroom, Xu Ziyue thought a little more about his dream that night.

The shrew-like woman who kept yelling was probably Sun Xuebao’s mother, As for the other woman… Xu Ziyue felt that she was very pretty. Her facial features were very similar to Sun Mo’s.

“So are you and Sun Xuebao related?” Sun Mo spoke as if they were cousins, but Xu Ziyue was still a little confused.

“His father is my uncle.”

When he said this, Sun Mo did not display any of the fondness usually shown when speaking of relatives.

“Like…. your fathers were brothers? The actual blood-related kind?”

Sun Mo nodded in reply.

Xu Ziyue thought again of the open wounds on their backs, and swallowed nervously.

Xu Ziyue thought back to all the information he had come across so far, and then straightforwardly asked Sun Mo, “Do you know the reason why Shangyang High School was abandoned? Also, what exactly happened before the incident? Do you know all that?”

Sun Mo nodded and replied, “Yes, I know.”

Xu Ziyue’s eyes brightened and he stared at Sun Mo with anticipation.

“Because…. The first one to die was me.”

The two had just arrived outside the classroom. Xu Ziyue was stunned into stillness by Sun Mo’s words. He stared at the other’s back as Sun Mo walked in, completely not knowing what to say.

Suddenly, in his periphery vision, Xu Ziyue caught side of the mirror ghost – the one who had also appeared in his dreams – Sun Xuebao!

Sun Xuebao sat in the corner of the classroom, quietly watching Xu Ziyue. When their eyes met, he let out a smile full of malice.

Xu Ziyue clearly remembered that just yesterday, it was a player who sat at that desk!

All the hairs on his arm instantly stood on end.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Uh-oh. Did another player die? I’m starting to wonder if Xuebao is the actual final evil boss rather than Sun Mo. It’s also possible that Sun Mo is the final boss, bu Xuebao is the hidden boss discoverable by people who really look for clues.

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  2. Thank you for the chapter ❤️ I thought he would be the originally hurt one! I wonder if the horror players could clear by learning the full history rather than just the more recent history told by mirror ghost bastard?

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