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Misplacement Game 15a

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Chapter 15 Part 1| Arc 1.

Xu Ziyue looked on in surprise as Lu Renjia walked in, “What a coincidence!”

When Lu Renjia saw Xu Ziyue, he also reacted with surprise. It was then followed by relief, but as soon as he saw Sun Mo, his body tensed up again, as if he was guarding against something.

Xu Ziyue inquired, “Are we the only two in this room?”

Lu Renjia looked nervously at Sun Mo before grunting a “Hn” in affirmative to Xu Ziyue’s question.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, Sun Mo is a good guy.” Xu Ziyue felt very tired looking at Lu Renjia’s body language of ‘not wanting to come in, but having no where else to go’.

Lu Renjia looked out down the hallway and wanted to cry. In addition to Xu Ziyue, there were only 10 players left. 4 people could fit per room, and it just so happened that… He’s now alone. And someone had deliberately said that since he and Xu Ziyue were roommates, he wasn’t actually alone, and hence rejected his request to move into another room.

But which of the players by now didn’t know that Xu Ziyue hadn’t slept in their assigned rooms at all ah.

Therefore, when he saw Xu Ziyue in the room, Lu Renjia felt relief because he wouldn’t have to sleep alone in this eerie place.

He even thought about whether if he died at night, the other players would only find out the next morning, or maybe not even at all. His sense of existence has always been somewhat weak…

But, even though Xu Ziyue showed up, he also brought Sun Mo with him.

“We, we already learned from Sun Xuebao. He’s a ghost!” Lu Renjia had an appearance of being ready to run for his life at any moment.

Xu Ziyue thought about it, and realized he really couldn’t refute this point. But….

“Lu Renjia, what’s wrong with being a ghost? Look, he still appears human!” Xu Ziyue pulled up Sun Mo who had been sitting next to him, and then poked the other’s face. “Look, it’s soft! He’s not scary!”

“Also, don’t you think co-existing with the enemy gives you the thrill of being an undercover thief? Also, think of it this way – with Sun Mo beside us, if there were any other ghosts that tried to harm us, then he could negotiate with them for us, right?”

Sun Mo: “……”

Lu Renjia: “……”

Lu Renjia swayed a little, but then immediately regained his senses. He shook his head, “You are being deceived, how could that be possible! It’s likely that those people were killed by him in the first place!”

“No!” Xu Ziyue declared very confidently. But afterwards, he turned to confirm with Sun Mo, “It wasn’t you, right?”

Lu Renjia’s expression showed he was on the brink of collapse. “You don’t even know! Why are you defending him!”

Xu Ziyue raised an eyebrow and stated matter-of-factly, “He’s handsome!”

Lu Renjia: “……”

Lu Renjia was choked by Xu Ziyue’s words and he almost fainted. He was so stimulated by Xu Ziyue that he couldn’t react calmly like before. The rage rushed to his head and he raised a hand, angrily pointed at Sun Mo, “Don’t forget! It was only after he appeared that Li Guo’s body was found!”

Xu Ziyue frowned in thought.

Lu Renjia let out a deep breath, giving a disdainful ‘Hmph.”

“Who was Li Guo again…?”

Lu Renjia turned to point at Xu Ziyue, his fingers trembling. His mouth opened and closed several times, but he was too angry to speak.

“Oh, I remember!” Xu Ziyue’s expression was a little embarrassed. It’s not like he was intentionally forgetting ah, but there were 19 names! How could he remember who’s who in such a short period of time?!

Last night when they were all holding hands and walking towards the lecture hall, Li Guo was the name of the body that the second-last player was holding on to.

Hearing Lu Renjia say this, Xu Ziyue realized that it really was quite coincidental.

He turned to look at Sun Mo, “Was that…..?”

“I saw that you were looking for him, so I decided to bring him over to you guys.” Sun Mo replied, looking at Lu Renjia.

“It was you!” Lu Renjia shouted as he pointed at Sun Mo. He turned around and was just about to run out and find the other players when the bedroom door suddenly closed and locked, trapping him inside with Xu Ziyue and Sun Mo.

Xu Ziyue was also startled, and he turned around to look at Sun Mo questioningly.

Sun Mo shook his head.

“You, you, you, you… Don’t kill me!” Lu Renjia leaned on the door, trying to stay as far away from Xu Ziyue and Sun Mo as possible.

“No one’s going to kill you, stop shouting!” Xu Ziyue walked over and pushed Lu Renjia aside, putting an ear to the door and listening.

Lu Renjia gulped, watching Xu Ziyue nervously.

“Those beside us are kicking at the door, so they must be locked in too.” Xu Ziyue also vaguely heard the sound of Zhang Jing cursing and swearing.

“Then, then what should we do?” At this time, Lu Renjia actually began trusting Xu Ziyue again.

Xu Ziyue shook his head, “I don’t know.” He looked at Sun Mo, “Do you know what’s going on?”

“Those things upstairs have come down.” Sun Mo looked up at the floor above.

Xu Ziyue made a face, “Don’t tell me, you’re talking about those things behind the locked rooms upstairs?”

Sun Mo nodded.

“They couldn’t find me, so they came down here.”

Xu Ziyue: “……..”

“So what exactly are they…” Lu Renjia asked, teary-eyed.

“If any of you agreed to help Sun Xuebao, then that’s who they’re looking for.”

Xu Ziyue asked confusedly, “What do you mean?”

Sun Mo did not answer this time.

As night fell, the sounds next door disappeared. Xu Ziyue was a little anxious but no matter how hard he pushed or kicked at the door, it wouldn’t open.

Sun Mo appeared to not care about the ongoings at all. He took the set of pajamas Xu Ziyue had given him and entered into the washroom, preparing to wash up and head to bed.

Lu Renjia was off to the side muttering “What should I do?!” over and over again, and it was really getting on Xu Ziyue’s nerves.

To the left of room 301 was room 302. Lu Renjia had mentioned that several players lived in 302 – they had all switched rooms so that it would be easier to look after one another. However, at this moment, there was no sound from the left.

On the contrary, to the right side where there was clearly no room, a few voices sounded.

“It’s all because of him…..”

“He must die….”

“He can’t stay alive….”

Xu Ziyue nibbled on his finger and wondered who this “he” was.

He thought about it, and then stood up, running straight to the bathroom. He pushed open the door without much thought, “Sun Mo, I…” Seeing Sun Mo’s back, Xu Ziyue froze in shock.

Sun Mo put on a shirt and then scrunched the one he’d just pulled off into a ball, turning around and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Your back……”

“Hmm.” Sun Mo walked past Xu Ziyue and went out. Xu Ziyue followed him out, but when he saw Lu Renjia, he couldn’t manage to voice his questions out loud. He thought again about Sun Mo’s back, covered in blood and jagged wounds.

There was some deja vu… it was just like Sun Xuebao’s!

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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    1. For MC, his clear condition is that his chosen target must confess to him, something along the lines of “I like you.” ; for the other players, I guess figuring out the history/secret of each world or something aha, it’s like the typical horror escape games.

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  1. Could it be, after they bullied him to the point of making him carve his back, SM committed suicide, and was the first student that died in the school? Then, the deaths started after him?


  2. Just as I thought. Sun Mo was probably the one who was bullied and even if he DID Sun Xuebao it was probably only AFTER he died. That xuebao dude definitely isn’t innocent


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