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Misplacement Game 14

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Chapter 14 | Arc 1.

Xu Ziyue moved away a little with the rest of the players and then asked curiously, “What did you guys want to discuss?”

“What is Sun Mo’s identity?” Zhang Jing demanded.

“…… Just the average student.” Xu Ziyue scratched his head. “I’m also not sure ah, but he doesn’t have any harmful intent.”

Someone from the back snorted and then said, “He might now have any intent to hurt you, but what about others? Are you hiding something from us?”

The people present were not idiots. This whole time that they were investigating, Sun Mo had always been with them. Who knew if he had hid away some important information, causing them to miss key facts? Also, Xu Ziyue’s actions were very suspicious, following Sun Mo around everywhere. His behavior was very strange for a player.

This time, the only reason they had escaped was because Sun Mo had warned Xu Ziyue, and then Xu Ziyue had told them. It didn’t escape their notice that Sun Mo had had no intention of helping them, and was possibly even helping to push some events along.

And since Xu Ziyue had made the choice to help them, there was also the possibility that he would decide not to help them one day. Seeing how Xu Ziyue hung around Sun Mo all day, it was very likely that he knew about a lot of things that they didn’t.

Xu Ziyue did indeed have things he was hiding from them… but that was just because he was scared they would act against Sun Mo. Though, if Sun Mo really were to do something to harm these players, then there was no way he would just stand there and remain a bystander either.

Without Sun Mo, Xu Ziyue wouldn’t be able to clear his game. And what scared him the most was the suspicion that as soon as Sun Mo disappears, the other players would be able to clear their game.

If that was true, then didn’t this mean that he and Sun Mo were kind of on the same team?

Xu Ziyue muttered half-heartedly, “I don’t know anything more. If there’s other concerns, then why don’t you go ask that mirror ghost? Why are you pressuring me.”

The player looked at Xu Ziyue more incredulously, “You really are hiding something from us!” Since he was telling them to go ask the other ghost, then that meant he knew there was still more for them to discover.

Zhang Jing placed a hand on the stimulated player, restraining him, and looked calmly at Xu Ziyue. “So you’re going to stand on that NPC’s side, why? If you’re not going to come clean with us, and instead insist on staying by Sun Mo, then in the future, you are not welcomed with us any more.”

Xu Ziyue opened his mouth to refute. He understood where Zhang Jing was coming from, but it was still hard for him to accept it. Though… it’s true he was only halfheartedly helping them, and Sun Mo’s identity really was a mystery. If Sun Mo really did turn out to be something bad, then wouldn’t he just be bringing harm to these players by insisting?

“Okay, fine… You guys do whatever you want. Just be safe.” He didn’t say a word about why he was following Sun Mo around.

“Okay then, you can go.” Zhang Jing watched as Xu Ziyue left them and unsurprisingly walk towards Sun Mo’s side.

“What should we do now? Do we really have to go find that man in the mirror?” Some of the gathered players didn’t want to go find the mirror ghost – who knew what the other’s mental state was like? It could be good or unstable, and who knows, maybe he’ll suddenly become crazy halfway through talking with them??

“We have to go. If information is passed along second-hand, it will always slightly deviate from the original source.” Zhang Jing clicked his tongue, “Go, we’re heading to the washroom.”

“Wait a minute… Hey, I suddenly had an idea.” Someone standing off to the side showed a sudden expression of enlightenment.

“If you have something to say, then hurry up and spit it out,” Zhang Jing replied irritably.

“Guys, think of our CLEAR conditions for this game, the option that we’ve all pretty much ignored since everyone thinks it’s impossible.”

“No way…”

“Even the game itself said to use utmost caution if pursuing that CLEAR condition. Also, until the very last moment, how can we know who the final BOSS is?”

“Yeah, and what’s more, that Xu Ziyue starting clinging to that Sun Mo as soon as he entered the game, without any investigation or evidence. I don’t believe there can be such a coincidence.”

“Then what, he doesn’t want to clear this game? I don’t believe that!”

Zhang Jing turned around to see Xu Ziyue talking animatedly with Sun Mo, and his frown became deeper.

He instructed, “Go to the washroom and find that Sun Xuebao, if he really wants people to save him, then he will definitely appear.”


Xu Ziyue walked back to Sun Mo’s side and bemoaned, “I was abandoned by group.”

Sun Mo nodded, “Hn.”

“You’re too cold to me.” Xu Ziyue raised his head and stared at Sun Mo’s mouth. “I’ve even kissed you too…”

Xu Ziyue sighed and decided not to dwell on Sun Mo’s attitude anymore. “They’re probably going to go find that Sun Xuebao. If they want to act against you, what should we do ah?”

“There’s no problem.”

“Do you know what a FLAG is?” Xu Ziyue then proceeded to give Sun Mo several examples, such as a General promising right before heading off to battle “wait for me to win, I will definitely come back to marry you”; a student saying “Don’t worry, I will never be caught cheating by the exam invigilator”; and the classic “Even if I starve to death I will definitely not eat the food here” and so on…

Sun Mo frowned and thought quietly for a moment, “That’s probably because they have a crow’s mouth.” [T/N: Crow’s mouth is when one is prone to jinxing things. They’ll muse on a bad, worse-case scenario and it will inevitably happen.]

“…… True, that is rather similar isn’t it?” Xu Ziyue was rendered speechless by Sun Mo. He looked around and out into the distance, his gaze stopping on the dormitory building. That instantly reminded him of the problem regarding where they should sleep that night. Changing the topic, he said, “Sun Mo, tonight, why don’t you sleep with me in my dormitory?” He was a little traumatized by what Sun Mo had told him about the sixth floor earlier.

“Are you sure?” Sun Mo questioned.

“What’s there to be unsure of? At least, on the third floor where I sleep, everyone is human.”

“…… You’re afraid of those ghosts, yet you aren’t afraid of me? Because I look good? Sun Mo looked at Xu Ziyue intently, a rare occasion where his eyes reflected a clear mood – confusion.

He probably couldn’t believe that there would actually be someone as shallow as Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue huffed a little. “It seems you don’t believe what I’ve said. I really do like your looks, but if you had intentions of hurting me, then certainly, I’ll be afraid and will run. But you don’t have any harmful intentions ah.” Xu Ziyue rubbed his face and continued, “I’m not trying to trick you, I also want to change this problem ah. When I was a child, if I was walking down the road and saw a beautiful male or female, then I would stop walking and refuse to leave. But at that age, people just think that the child is being cute. However, If I were to head down a road in my teens and then refuse to keep walking because of a beautiful person, then it probably wouldn’t seem cute anymore… but rather, kind of perverse.”

“Of course, this condition truly is very troublesome – I’ve been deceived so many times. For example, if the girl passing out roadside flyers is very pretty, then I would not refuse the flying. This is all already daily life to me, but there’s also the kind of people that ask you to register for a membership……. Basically, as long as I had money, then I would happily become a willing customer. I don’t even know how many membership cards I’ve given away second-hand.” Xu Ziyue sighed once more. Before, he had even thought seriously about what he should do with his condition once he got a job. After all, as an average student, even if he were to be conned, the consequences still wouldn’t be too serious.

But no matter what he had contemplated, even he had not expected to die as soon as he completed his exams.

And since he had already died, when he entered the game world Xu Ziyue decided to just let loose and allow his face-con tendencies to go unrestrained.

Sun Mo nodded, showing that he understood. Then, he casually gave Xu Ziyue a serious wound to the heart. “You are so superficial.”

Xu Ziyue: “……..” Thank you. If I wasn’t that superficial, then I really wouldn’t be able to stand your personality!

Diplomatically, Xu Ziyue began, “If you’re like this, then what you said about me being the first person to like you really could be true.” Xu Ziyue shook his head and continued, “You see, first is your bad personality – others talk to you and you don’t even answer. Two, your emotional intelligence probably isn’t that high – you deliberately like to poke at other’s wounds. Three, four, five…… It all goes back to your personality.”

This time, Sun Mo actually gave Xu Ziyue a decent answer. “I didn’t want to reply, so I don’t reply. Couldn’t be bothered to talk to you.”

“……” It was better when you hadn’t talked!

Xu Ziyue adopted a wide-eyed expression and pretended to hold his heart, then he presented it to Sun Mo, “Why didn’t you want to reply to me? Can’t you see how hurt my heart is??”

Sun Mo learned from Xu Ziyue and said something even though he really had nothing to say. “At first it was because you were a stranger and I didn’t know you. I also have not been spoken to in many years, so sometimes I did not know how to respond and while I was thinking, you would move on to other topics.”

Xu Ziyue did not expect that the other would open up, and he excitedly bounced on the spot. “And then? And then?”

“Later… I wanted to see just how many words you had to say, and what else you would talk about.”

Sun Mo was just simply explaining his thoughts, but to Xu Ziyue who was listening avidly, these words carried a whole other meaning. Xu Ziyue beamed brightly, feeling very happy. “Actually, you’re pretty good at knowing the right words to say.”

Xu Ziyue then placed his hands on his hips. “But there is one mistake that I’m going to correct.”

“Okay, correct me.”

Xu Ziyue gave Sun Mo a thumbs up in satisfaction. One must remember, before, Sun Mo would just quietly stare at him while he talked, only occasionally giving a ‘Hn.’ to indicate that he was listening.

“If only one person keeps talking, then that conversation won’t last long. After all, it’s really tiring trying to find new topics to discuss. But if you say a sentence in reply to me every time, then that will last twice as long.” Xu Ziyue made a “two” gesture with his hand. “Not to mention, if you reply to me, then I will say much much more than what I would if you didn’t reply at all!”

Sun Mo nodded and replied, “Okay, I understand.”

Xu Ziyue gave a happy smile, his eyes crinkling.

That afternoon, Xu Ziyue packed some food from the canteen for Sun Mo and then led the other to his dwelling in the dormitory – room 301.

Generally, if one was to bring someone back to the dorms to spend the night, then it’s polite to first say something to their roommates.

But Xu Ziyue actually had no idea who his roommates were, not to mention, in these last two days, more than a dozen players had died. He didn’t even know how many of his roommates were still alive.

Xu Ziyue entered the room and was even more of a stranger than Sun Mo was, looking around everywhere and touching everything. On the contrary, Sun Mo directly found the desk labeled ‘Xu Ziyue’ and sat down.

“Do you think it’ll just be the two of us is this room as well, tonight?” Xu Ziyue opened his wardrobe and began to explore, actually finding two sets of pajamas in his exact size.

Hmm, as expected of the game.

Before Sun Mo even had a chance to answer, the door was pushed open from the outside.

The person who came in was someone that Xu Ziyue knew – it was Lu Renjia.

And he was all alone, by himself.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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