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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 23 [2.11]

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Chapter 23 | Arc 2. <Sponsored>
This chapter is brought to you by Jennifer L, Margaret J, Fionnbharr L, and Anonymous!

Lin Yan, as the main party involved, had learned about the incident almost immediately after it had happened. Currently, he too was pondering over what he should do.

To suddenly receive Su Yu’s call, Lin Yan’s heart gave a start but he could only bite the bullet and reluctantly answer, saying with a hint of guilt, “President Zhao called me so early, did you have some orders for me?”

However, Su Yu had no interest in talking circles with this person and so he straightforwardly said, “I called Uncle Lin to talk about the incident that happened this morning.”

Lin Yan secretly complained bitterly in his heart, and his palms began to sweat. To have such a scandal exposed, he had definitely impacted Zhao Entertainment in some bad way. Although he has faithfully followed Zhao Yuan for many years, the current president of Zhao Entertainment was Zhao Qingsong. There was no guarantee that the other wouldn’t take this chance to get rid of him.

A thousand thoughts raced through Lin Yan’s head, and he decided to bring out his steadfast backer. “This thing really was my bad. I was just about to call your father to admit my mistakes.”

How could Su Yu not know what Lin Yan was thinking? He let out a little laugh and said, “My father already knows about this incident. We just talked, and he also told me to put the interests of the company first and foremost.”

Lin Yan did not believe Su Yu’s words. On the contrary, he became more certain that the other was trying to take this chance to oust him from the company, why else would he lie like that to him? “Oh did he? But I’ve loyally followed your father for this many years, at the very least I should call him to apologize.”

“It looks like Uncle Lin doesn’t believe me! Fortunately, I recorded the call with my father. Uncle Lin is welcomed to listen.” Having said that, Su Yu opened the recording and placed it next to the microphone.

At first, Lin Yan still thought that Su Yu was trying to perform some underhanded manipulations, but as the recording played out, his expression became more and more ugly.

When the recording finished playing, Lin Yan’s entire person was unwell. Just a little scandal, and yet Zhao Yuan was abandoning him like this?!

Su Yu asked with a relaxed smile, “Uncle Lin should believe me now, right?”

Lin Yan opened his mouth but felt that his throat was very dry, and he could not speak.

“Since my father has already told me what to do, I naturally cannot disobey him. But, Uncle Lin is a veteran of the company and has made so many contributions, actions such as discarding someone once they’ve outlived their usefulness, I really cannot do.” Since he didn’t hear the other make a response, Su Yu didn’t care and just kept talking slowly.

Lin Yan swallowed audibly and finally found his voice, “Is there anything I should do?”

Lin Yan’s mood was extremely complicated at this moment – he’d never thought that the person he’d always been loyal to would so easily give up on him, and that the person he’d always seen as an enemy was now his sole saviour.

“I’ve already notified the public relations department to handle this matter. Although the post has not been live for too long, but due to its content and the various large forums it’s been posted on, it will take some time.” Su Yu was satisfied with the other’s response. He continued slowly, “Since it’s inconvenient for Uncle Lin to appear in public for now, there’s nothing you need to do. However, I’ll have to trouble Uncle Lin for the next few days.”

Meaning, there is no need for Lin Yan to head to the company for the next few days.

Lin Yan’s palm was full of cold sweat. He took the phone with his other hand, and subconsciously wiped his sweaty hand on his trousers. “I understand, then I will leave this matter to President Zhao.”

After saying this, Lin Yan paused for a moment and then added, “President Zhao’s grace, I will definitely remember it.”

This last sentence was obviously a meaningful statement.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Uncle Lin is too serious. The matters of the company in the future will still depend on you, so make sure to rest well for the next few days! Afterwords, it’ll be difficult to even take a holiday.”

“President Zhao is very courteous, this is all what I should have done.” After hearing this, Lin Yan was finally relieved, despite the layer of cold sweat on his back. At the same time, he also became more resentful to Zhao Yuan who had kicked him away in his time of need.

The two made some more polite comments before hanging up.

Once the conversation ended, Round Ball couldn’t help but float over curiously. “Master Host, what did you do that even Zhao Yuan and Lin Yan would suddenly turn against each other?”

“I didn’t do much – just added in the email to Zhao Yuan a photo which wasn’t published online.” Su Yu casually answered as he deleted the recording.

Round Ball still didn’t quite understand. It grew even more curious. “Photo? What photo is this effective?”

It must be said that Lin Yan and Zhao Yuan were extremely close brothers. In the original plot, the relationship between the two had been very strong, and Lin Yan was completely loyal to Zhao Yuan.

And now, Su Yu actually successfully provoked their relationship by only using a thin flimsy photo, no wonder Round Ball was so curious.

“It’s still a photo of Lin Yan and a woman, but this woman’s identity is somewhat special. She is one of Zhao Yuan’s mistresses.” Su Yu smiled and tried to help the ball understand.

The ball flashed twice, and it seemed even more bewildered. “Just like this, and cracks formed in their relationship?”

“Haven’t you heard the phrase that only women and toothbrushes cannot be shared? Don’t you think sharing those things is very disgusting?” Su Yu eyed the ball with slight contempt – not even understanding these universal truths, is this really a system with IQ?

Round Ball flickered twice again, and then wiggled a little. “I don’t think so, because I don’t need either a woman or a toothbrush.”

“…Heh.” Please drag this system without IQ out to be executed.

The ball felt Su Yu’s murderous intent and continued, “Actually, I can understand, but aren’t the women in the photo also sharing the same man? Since Zhao Yuan has many mistresses, why can’t he accept that these women also have other men?”

“Because there is a disease called ‘straight man cancer’ [1]. Zhao Yuan is a patient with a severe case of this disease.” Su Yu’s eyes flashed with contempt and disgust. “Those who have this disease, their fate will be miserable. They are also cursed, they will not be able to find true love.”

“That’s really terrible.” The ball foolishly believed Su Yu’s words.

Su Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he continued to dupe the little ball. “By the way, to educate you a little more, there is also a disease in this world called ‘np’ [2]. Those who have this disease will also have a miserable fate and will be in reconcile by the divine ruler.

Round Ball automatically translated the word “reconcile” into “slaughter” and could not help but be scared [3]. “This disease is even more horrible!”

“Therefore, a person must always be specific, and not double-minded [4].” Su Yu closed with a concluding remark.

The ball swayed its round body approvingly and flashed a halo around its body. “Yes, I will definitely aim to be a system that’s specific, and not double-minded!”

Su Yu glanced at the ball like it was an idiot. Then, he ended the Su Yu’s Science Lecture of the Day with a sentence of, “What’s the current status of <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace>?”

The little ball was still immersed in its fighting spirit and couldn’t extricate itself. After a while, it finally regained its senses and said, “They’ve completed about a quarter, and this is already the result of having been sped up. ”

The typical shooting length of the ordinary TV series is usually not that long, but because <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace> was longer than other TV series, and also demanded more refined and sophisticated shooting styles, the filming cycle was lengthened.

According to the original plot, the filming period of <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace> took at least half a year. Su Yu didn’t want to wait that long so he directly ordered the director to speed things up.

But even so, it would still take about four months to finish filming, and only a month has passed as of now.

This issue made Su Yu a bit annoyed, because he does not deal well with boredom.

“Master Host, if you really feel bored, why don’t you contact the male protagonist? Sometimes, as a man, you need to take initiative. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss various chances.” Every time Su Yu became bored, the little ball became fearful. It was very scared that Su Yu would just directly leave and stop doing tasks.

Su Yu glanced at the little ball and gave a cold sneer, “Not interested.”

Round Ball was very unimpressed with its host’s actions, but it didn’t dare to persuade anymore.

In this past month, Su Yu’s attitude to Qi Chen had been neither hot nor cold. It was as if he completely forgot such a person existed in this world. Round Ball was very eager for things to develop, but it was scared to say too much, so it could only bitterly squat there.

If things continued this way, Round Ball felt like it was going to die.

This ‘person and system’ dialogue over here encountered difficulties and couldn’t be continued, and on Qi Chen’s side, the acting also encountered difficulties and couldn’t be continued.

“Cut!” With the director’s shout, the scene being filmed became an NG. This was already the sixth NG for this scene [5].

The director, black-faced, called the two people filming over and started lecturing, “Lu Manni, do you still remember what role you’re playing? You are the only noble in the emperor’s harem, your maternal family has power, and you’ve always been spoiled and cherished. The most important thing is that your feelings towards the emperor are different than the other concubines – you love him, not fear of him. Do you even understand!”

Lu Manni lowered her head and listened quietly, but her heart was filled with resentment. She also didn’t know what was happening. She had prepared herself and adjusted her emotions, everything was ready, but when it came time to film, she couldn’t act at all! It was as if something was suppressing her.

The first time, Lu Manni could comfort herself that it was because she hadn’t adjusted her mindset correctly. But after she NG-ed once, twice, three times… even she couldn’t stand it anymore.

So what was going on here!

However, even though her heart was on fire, Lu Manni couldn’t show her resentment to the director and so she only nodded her head and said, “Rest assured, Director, I will definitely do well on the next take.”

“You’ve already said this to me four times. Why don’t you wait until you pass this scene before you say it again.” The director gave a cold snort, and his gaze slowly fell on Qi Chen. “You cooperate with Lu Manni, try to help her find the feeling.”

Qi Chen’s expression was very mild and courteous, but his eyes held some hidden emotions. He glanced at Lu Manni, smiled, and nodded. “I will try to help her.”

It was a very ordinary glance, but Lu Manni subconsciously trembled.

[1] – 直男癌, “straight man cancer” – used to describe sexist men.

[2] – np – used to denote harem/reverse harem.

[3] – 和谐, “harmony, reconcile, etc” – used to indicate Chinese censorship. (ie how sex scenes would usually be censored). However, since it literally means ‘to harmonize’ I guess Round Ball assumed the divine ruler would reconcile all conflicts by outright slaughtering them hahaha.

[4] – Su Yu was basically lecturing Round Ball that people must be monogamous and not have many different lovers, but since he was also having fun teasing/duping the little ball, he wasn’t saying anything straightforwardly.

[5] – NG means ‘no good’ I think, basically when an actor messes up during filming and the scene becomes a blooper reel instead of the legit performance.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Round Ball being educated on worldly matters LOL little does it know its blackhearted master host was teasing it the whole time.

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      1. I’m starting to dislike the MC. Your lover is right there and he kept his promise of coming to find you, but why are you still so cold? Was his heart not moved at all by the ML in the first world? My heart ache for the ML. For once we have a ML who treat the MC right and here we a MC who doesn’t appreciate. I feel like, in quick transmigration, whether it’s the asshole ML or the ML who treats the MC right, their love and effort is never appreciated, especially in the beginning. I feel so wronged for the ML. 🥲


  1. ML playing with the btch~

    Wifey will be proud and will probably join him if he can lol!

    Thank you for the chapter~

    So Little Ball trying “speed things” up between Hubby and Wifey? Is that a sign that our cute innocent Little Ball is gradually starting to ship them both and unconsciously coming to the dark side~?


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  3. “Actually, I can understand, but aren’t the women in the photo also sharing the same man? Since Zhao Yuan has many mistresses, why can’t he accept that these women also have other men?”

    “Because there is a disease called ‘straight man cancer’. Zhao Yuan is a patient with a severe case of this disease.” Su Yu’s eyes flashed with contempt and disgust. “Those who have this disease, their fate will be miserable. They are also cursed, they will not be able to find true love.”


    Liked by 3 people

  4. “Because there is a disease called ‘straight man cancer’ [1]. Zhao Yuan is a patient with a severe case of this disease.” Su Yu’s eyes flashed with contempt and disgust. “Those who have this disease, their fate will be miserable. They are also cursed, they will not be able to find true love.”

    Do i have this too? 🤣 I dont want to start having a relationship with people who has ex.🤣
    Because of this i started to hate being in contact(love) with male or female and i identify my self as Aromantic and asexual.


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