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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 22 [2.10]

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Chapter 22 | Arc 2.

Round Ball paused for a second and then replied without thinking, “Ah, they are all male protagonists… Ack! &*#%¥!”

The strange sound at the end was because Su Yu had started to “play” with the poor little ball again, the kind of play where squishing a stress ball feels pretty therapeutic.

“I, I, I… I really don’t know, Master Host!” The little ball who was “played” with twice in a row almost had no strength left to cry. “I only know that Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan are both the male protagonists of their world, and the focus of Master Host’s main tasks. I really don’t know anything else, ying ying ying!”

Su Yu pinned Round Ball with a penetrating stare, and finally let go due to the other’s pleading. Then, he smiled and said, “Sorry, the feeling was too good, I couldn’t help but ‘play’ with you twice.”

When he said the word “play”, Su Yu deliberately emphasized it in his tone.

The little ball did not notice this at all. Once it regained its freedom, it immediately flew like the wind away from its demonic host. It felt that it had suffered at least 30,000 points of damage, not to be recovered even if its host gently embraced it!

No, if its host really hugs it, then that would definitely give it even more psychological trauma!

Su Yu didn’t care about the little ball hiding in the corner, but rather narrowed his eyes and started thinking about the matter at hand.

What was the relationship between Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan?

The things collected by Qi Chen were what he and Chu Chengyan had collected in the previous world, with a similarity index of at least 99%. Such high similarity could never be a coincidence.

But Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan are obviously two independent individuals. They looked completely different, their characters are completely different, their identities are completely different, and they are not even of the same world.

So what exactly was the answer to this question?

Su Yu had originally thought he could get the answer from Round Ball – since it should know the most about the various worlds and tasks – but he was disappointed.

Obviously there must be some connection between these two people, and Su Yu’s already begun to make speculations, but his guesses couldn’t be confirmed. This kind of feeling was quiet heartache inducing, and caused Su Yu to feel a bit irritated.

For the first time in his life, Su Yu felt that his carefree and refreshing lifestyle had met with some hardship.

Su Yu took a deep breath, and then beckoned to Round Ball again. “Come here.”

“No! I will not yield!” The little ball which had been silently crying directly exploded, screaming death-defiantly.

Su Yu’s face became full of black lines. However, watching the little ball flash bursts of white light due to its extreme anxiety, Su Yu’s heart felt a little bit of guilt. He softened his voice and said, “Rest assured, I really have no interest in playing with you again. Just now, it was only because I thought you knew the truth, but were deliberately hiding it from me.”

“I’m such a cute system, how could I lie!? You actually doubted me!” “This explanation not only failed to comfort Round Ball, but instead caused it to feel more hurt.

Su Yu gave an exasperated sigh and made his smile more gentle. “I know I am wrong, next time I will definitely not doubt you again, so don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

This is the first time Su Yu had ever used such a gentle voice with it. Despite knowing how terrible and black-hearted its host really was, Round Ball was placated and healed a little from its trauma.

The ball humphed two times and hesitated a bit more, but eventually it was defeated by Su Yu’s sugar-coated bullets and chose to yield.

“Help me obtain the keys to the villa, and every room inside.” Su Yu straightforwardly issued an order.

Round ball swelled with pride, its fighting spirit roused. “Master Host rest assured, this kind of thing is a piece of cake for me, absolutely no problem.”

Looking at how fast the little ball recovered and became full of energy, Su Yu felt very satisfied, but at the same time decided his little system was definitely the ‘stupid, naive, and sweet’ type – a type that’s very gratifying to bully.

Since he couldn’t get the answer from Round Ball, Su Yu could only investigate slowly by himself. However, he wasn’t disheartened because sometimes, the process of exploration is more interesting than the result itself.

After that night, Su Yu and Qi Chen both did not take initiative to contact the other, as if all that happened that night was just a dream.

The two continued to busy themselves with their own affairs, the filming of <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace> continued, and Su Yu’s plans also continued.

In the calm before the storm, one month silently came and went. On a bright morning, when the sun rose as usual and people headed to work, a gossip article suddenly appeared on the Internet.

【 Pictures included! EXPOSED: A deputy general manager of an entertainment company hid such a perverted beast under human skin! 】

With this topic, a post with a huge amounts of information and a large number of indecent photos suddenly appeared in the major entertainment-related forums, attracting the attention of countless passersby.

1|: Fell to the floor…. need to look again.

2|: Heavens! Feels like I’m going blind – I need eye bleach!

3|: Seeking high-definition pictures! Asking for the address! Asking for someone to drive me!

4|: Deputy general manager of an entertainment company… looking at the photos, that general manager should be Lin Yan of Zhao Entertainment right?

5|: Such a big scoop. This “deputy general manager of an entertainment company” should have a wife and a son, right? Hadn’t he always been known for his self-discipline?

6|: I… I think something’s wrong with my eyes. Why do I see my goddess in those photos?! I must have clicked opened the wrong post!

7|: This circle’s really chaotic, face identification process complete.

8|: Quick, take a screenshot! Good material needs to be shared. By the way, this “deputy general manager of an entertainment company” really is the biggest slag in slag history, and he hid it so well!


As Su Yu watched the replies pile higher and higher on the forum, he leisurely drank some milk. At long last, he’s finally started to work on his side mission.

The exposed “deputy general manager of an entertainment company” is no one other than his father Zhao Yuan’s close confidant and supporter, Lin Yan.

To be a deputy general manager, the individual is definitely not an ordinary person and cannot be looked down upon, but in the face of  Su Yu who has extremely high IQ and emotional intelligence, and the ultimate cheat of the weapon – Round Ball, he was nothing.

Furthermore, to start with this person was more effective than directly attacking Zhao Yuan, and more interesting in the long run.

Half an hour after the post appeared, Su Yu took initiative to contact Zhao Yuan. This was actually the first time that he’s contacted the original host’s father since he came to this world.

The phone rang eight times before it was finally picked up by Zhao Yuan. At this point in time, Zhao Yuan still hadn’t seen the post on the Internet. After picking up, he only coldly asked, “This early in the morning, is there something urgent?”

“Yes I have something to discuss with Father.” Su Yu adopted the attitude that the original host usually used when facing Zhao Yuan.

“Are you talking about how you entered the entertainment circle without my permission?” Zhao Yuan did not wait for Su Yu to finish speaking and just directly interrupted. Very overbearingly, he took over the conversation. “This is indeed your fault. However, you aren’t a child anymore and so you must learn to take responsibility for your actions. I will give you this chance to make a fuss, but you’d better not exceed the range of my tolerance.”

Su Yu very patiently listened to Zhao Yuan finish his words, and then slowly began, “Thank you for being willing to say so much to me. It’s just a pity that this wasn’t what I wanted to talk about.”

“They why did you bother me so early?” Zhao Yuan’s voice became tinged with dissatisfaction.

Su Yu calmly drummed his fingertips on the table: “It’s about Uncle Lin [1]. I’ve already sent the relevant information to your email inbox. You can go take a look.”

The “Uncle Lin” Su Yu was referring to is of course the “deputy general manager of an entertainment company” Lin Yan, who is currently a hot topic.

After saying that, Su Yu hung up the phone without hesitation, because he knew that even if he hadn’t hung up, Zhao Yuan would have hung up. How could he give the other a chance to hang the phone on him??

Although this was only a small trivial matter, Su Yu was just this petty.

Around five minutes later, Su Yu’s phone rang. He checked the number, and then tapped his fingers to calculate the ringing duration. After eight rings, Su Yu finally picked up the phone.

Yes, he is this petty.

As he connected the call, Su Yu simultaneously hit the ‘record’ button.

As soon as the phone connected, Zhao Yuan’s enraged voice directly sounded. “How could this appear on the Internet? What the hell is going on!”

“I too just saw those posts, but because Uncle Lin’s identity is special, I didn’t dare act without first consulting Father.” Su Yu’s tone was serious, but where Zhao Yuan couldn’t see him, his expression was actually relaxed and playful.

“What’s there to ask about this! Quickly censor these posts, and then notify the public relations department to handle this matter as soon as possible!” Zhao Yuan was so mad he started heaving for air.

Su Yu tried to confirm, “Father means, no matter what, we must rescue Uncle Lin from this mess right?”

Zhao Yuan continued to breath heavily. “The photos have already been exposed, no matter how much we try to wash it away he’ll always be tainted. Right now, I’m more concerned about the interests of the company.”

On the other end, Su Yu slowly started to smile. Looks like his little plots have started to bear fruit.

“But……” Su Yu paused for a moment before continuing uncertainly, “Uncle Lin contributed so much to Zhao Entertainment all these years. Even though this happened, I think……”

“You shut up!” Zhao Yuan bit out through gnashing teeth, once again interrupting Su Yu. “Right now the owner of Zhao Entertainment is still me, don’t you dare question my decisions!”

Since the other side already said words like this, what else could Su Yu say?

He could only nod and pretend to agree reluctantly, “Alright, I know how to deal with this matter now.”

“Be sure to find out who did this, as soon as possible. And then, don’t be soft with them!” Zhao Yuan was obviously greatly angered by this whole debacle.

Su Yu nodded again, promised he would, and then hung up without waiting for Zhao Yuan to vent anymore – he had no interest in being Zhao Yuan’s punching bag.

Saving the recording clip of the call, Su Yu first arranged things with the public relations department and then he contacted Lin Yan.

Straightforwardly dragging people down from a position of power is very simple for Su Yu, but he felt that doing so directly would dull a matter’s interest. As you know, Su Yu is someone who fears boredom.

As of now, it was much more interesting to slowly provoke the relationship between Zhao Yuan and Lin Yan, and watch the two fight each other. Of course, when the time is right, he will also give a few of his own kicks and punches into the fray.

[1] – 叔叔, “uncle” – while this can indeed be your mom/dad’s brother, it’s also often used as a respectful honorific for men who are around your father’s age-range. In that case, no blood-relation is needed (as is the case with Uncle Lin here).

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Oh how this wolf admires Su Yu’s black-heartedness ❤

See ya next week~

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  1. What a crafty shou.
    My sincerest sympathies, ML.
    Goodluck taming your black bellied shou.

    Round ball is not a cabbage.
    1. Knead the ball.
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    3. Bread, cake or pizza?
    Round ball is dough. ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)
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    Thanks Roamer or/and Lone Wolf.

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  2. Hahaha…. So petty. Now that the ML has found his destined one, I wonder what he’s been up to all this time. I have a feeling he hasn’t just been sitting still.

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  3. lol I loved it when it said “After saying that, Su Yu hung up the phone without hesitation, because he knew that even if he hadn’t hung up, Zhao Yuan would have hung up. How could he give the other a chance to hang the phone on him??” hahahaha yes I love to have the last laugh

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