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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 17 [2.5]

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Chapter 17 | Arc 2. <SPONSORED>
This chapter is brought to you by Ashlyn L, Margaret J, and Eliza L!

It took less than a day to film all of Su Yu’s scenes, so upon the end of the first day of filming, Su Yu completed his first ever movie.

Or, to put it in another way, when all the other actors (excluding Qi Chen) hadn’t even begun officially shooting, Su Yu had already finished all his parts.

“Congratulations for finishing all your scenes! Would you like to have a meal together tonight, to celebrate?” As he was saying this, Qi Chen also wanted to give an incredulous laugh –  this was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Su Yu, however, just gave him a faint glance and flat-out refused the national male god’s invitation. “No need, there isn’t anything to celebrate.”

This world was different from the first world – even if he doesn’t have a good relationship with the male protagonist, Su Yu could still successfully complete his main task. What can he say, he’s a great president with money, power, and influence.

Qi Chen didn’t know why but he felt a bit sad, but he didn’t show it outwardly. “Well alright, then I won’t bother President Zhao.”

Su Yu gave a brief nod and left the studio without looking back. Little did Su Yu know, Qi Chen stared at his retreating form for a long while, his eyes filled with a longing that even he himself didn’t detect.

For a moment, Qi Chen felt like he had finally found what he’d been searching for all his life, but then he immediately laughed it off. How could what he’d been looking for be a real person?

With the first film completed, Su Yu moved back to working at the President’s office he’d first transmigrated to. The main task will take some time, but he could start immediately on the side task.

In the original plot, the reason Zhao Qingsong would be dragged down from his position of power – besides the revelation of one of his secrets – was all due to his half-brother Zhao Qinglian and his father Zhao Yuan.

In the original host’s point of view, although his father Zhao Yuan was not affectionate, and was usually harsh and rebuking, he was worthy of respect.

And as for his illegitimate little brother, although they didn’t like each other, he was respectful and hadn’t done anything to intentionally aggravate or cause trouble for Zhao Qingsong.

And yet, it was exactly these two people who ultimately led to Zhao Qingsong’s downfall. One secretly calculating behind the scenes, selling incriminating evidence to Lu Manni at the culminating moment, and the other being cold and heartless when the original host was in trouble, not lending a helping hand at all and kicking him out from the family business when he was shamed, being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Many times, more horrific than one’s enemies are the betrayal and calculations from those one trusts.

In the original story, Zhao Qingsong had his name ruined and was driven out of the Zhao family before he even realized what was going on. By the time he figured out who his real enemies were, it was already too late and he was eventually driven to death by Zhao Qinglian.

And now, with everything yet to happened, Su Yu who knows everything has over a hundred ways to easily complete the side task and obtain revenge on the two ‘treasured relatives’ for the original host.

“Hey, Round Ball, where is Zhao Qinglian right now?” Su Yu asked in a cold voice.

The little ball checked the plot line and answered with great detail, “Zhao Qinglian is four years younger than you, so he is 20 this year. Currently, he is at Shen University majoring in economic management.”

“Still in college, eh,” Su Yu gave a sigh. It’s not that he was feeling sympathetic or merciful due to the other’s youth, but because the other still hadn’t entered society yet. Zhao Qinglian would be easy to crush, but it wouldn’t be as satisfying. After all, only when one falls from a high place is it more painful and more difficult to stand back up again.

According to the original plot, it was only after graduation that Zhao Qinglian was brought into the Zhao family. Later, Zhao Yuan arranged for him to start at Zhao Entertainment and he had begun as a general staff.

However, since Zhao Yuan had instructed Zhao Qinglian to choose economic management as his major, clearly his intentions from the beginning were not pure at all.

Su Yu drummed his fingers against the tabletop, thinking carefully. Then, with a serious face, he gave the little ball a very embarrassing and shameless task. “Zhao Qinglian takes after his father, doesn’t he love to sleep around as well? From now on, start collecting pictures of all his trysts when they are having sex. Try to fill a CD as soon as possible.”

Round Ball immediately emitted a red light and started spinning extremely quickly in the air. After a while, it finally gathered its bearings enough to force itself to slow down and say, “Mas- Master, this… this doesn’t seem to be a very good thing to do?”

Su Yu threw a glance at the flustered little ball and then deliberately gave it a hard time. “I’m just telling you to collect evidence, not watch them go at it. Wow, I have never met a system as dirty-minded as you.”

Round Ball let out an unintelligible sound and with a ‘boom’ it fell to the ground, bounced a few times, and stopped moving.

//Ding. Your system cannot operate normally due to excessive blood loss, please provide first aid.//

In the end, the poor little ball was forced to begin this shameless task after an unsuccessful rebellion. Having encountered such a cruel and ruthless host, it couldn’t even hide by playing dead QAQ.

In addition to collecting evidence of Zhao Qinglian’s flowery misdeeds, Su Yu also began to tighten his control over the company.

Although the original host had become Zhao Entertainment’s President three years ago, and had gradually started managing more of the company, it is still an undeniable fact that the one with the most power is Zhao Yuan.

This kind of thing may have seemed reasonable to the original host, but it was unacceptable to Su Yu.

Power is only power if it is fully grasped in one’s own hands.

It less than half a day, Su Yu found Zhao Yuan’s main supporters and confidants. This time, he didn’t use Round Ball but rather, did it personally, though the means he used cannot be spoken of under the light.

After all, with his super-high IQ, if he didn’t act personally once in a while then it really is too wasteful.

After confirming the list of people, Su Yu also dug up some blackmail and confidential matters regarding them. However, he didn’t intend to reveal the information immediately.

One hit KO, although cool, is not fun at all. Besides, acting that way is not in line with Su Yu’s flashy personality.

Su Yu’s plans to let the enemy slowly suffocate themselves is way more interesting and satisfying.

Thinking to here, Su Yu smiled with satisfaction and cleared his browser cache and vanished all other traces of his recent activities.

Just as he finished, Su Yu’s cell lying beside him suddenly rang and he casual answered it.

Liu Tianyuan’s anxious voice sounded through the phone. “President, just now, a small publishing company announced that someone anonymously sent them an article. It mentions that you joined <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace> and that by flaunting your status and money, you coerced the directer into filming all your scenes before they could film any others. There’s also a photo of you in the studio. We’ve managed to stop the article from being published, but since it is from an anonymous source, you’ll need to act to find the person…”

“No need.” Su Yu’s calm voice interrupted Liu Tianyuan’s hurried words.

“The President is saying…?” Liu Tianyuan asked cautiously, seemingly afraid that Su Yu would start yelling at him for delivering the bad news.

“Aren’t the facts in the article all true?” Su Yu asked backed to Liu Tianyuan.

This question rendered Liu Tianyuan speechless. Even if the article were true, this kind of news can’t be spread, so what is President Zhao aiming at?

Did the President want him to say yes, or no?

Liu Tianyuan really did not want to answer this question. Su Yu took pity and decided not to make him. He directly announced his decision. “Since the draft has been stopped, then we will leave this matter be. No need to look into it anymore. But, that small company lost a valuable article because of me. We will need to compensate them.”

Liu Tianyuan secretly let out a breath of relief. Although it was a loss for the small company, but if they had really published it, then there losses would be many times greater. Therefore, Liu Tianyuan didn’t feel that the President needed to compensate them anything.

But since the other party had already indicated his wishes, Liu Tianyuan obviously would not put up any resistance. “So the President wants to give this company some compensation?”

“That’s right. Since they lost an article, then we will give them an article,” Su Yu nodded indifferently. “When I was at the studio filming, Lu Manni asked to join us for a scene but then deliberately made things difficult for me. Draft an article around that and send it to the publishing company.”

There was no response from the other side because Liu Tianyuan had no idea what to say. He felt as if he had discovered something unspeakable.

“What? Do you think there’s something wrong with what I’m suggesting?” Su Yu asked impatiently.

Liu Tianyuan came back to his senses and after hesitating for a few seconds, he cautiously asked, “Is … Is that article sent by Lu Manni?”

“Did I say this?” Su Yu asked back.

Liu Tianyuan again didn’t know how to answer, but even if the President didn’t admit it, he already had some guesses as to the matter now. As a good employee, as long as he understands what he needs to do, then he felt he shouldn’t ask too many questions.

And so, Liu Tianyuan very insightfully placed himself in the role of a regular company employee, and not in the position of the President’s agent.

“No, no, I was just talking to myself. Please don’t mind what I say,” Liu Tianyuan quickly backtracked. “I’ll go complete this task. Does the President have any other orders?”

Su Yu, after thinking a bit, said, “Help me contact the director and screenwriter of <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace>. I need to speak with them.”

“Yes sir, the director should be on set right now. I will contact them at noon,” Liu Tianyuan replied.

“Okay, go do your tasks.” Su Yu hung up and leaned back on his leather seat, his calm visage showing a cold smile.

Not sending all the photos from the set, but only choosing the one where Su Yu had entered the studio. It seems that Lu Manni is a bit clever, and Su Yu was certain her little tricks would not stop at just this.

She didn’t publish the article or photos directly on the internet, nor did she choose a larger publishing company. Instead, she chose a relatively unknown media firm. This move seemed dumb, but it was actually quite clever.

Lu Manni knows Su Yu identity. She understands clearly that even if she exhausts herself trying to spread this incident, Su Yu wouldn’t be greatly affected. Instead, she might provoke Su Yu and bring disaster upon herself.

But if she chooses a small company with little influence, then things would be different.

Firstly, the smaller the company the less informed they are. They may not understand Zhao Entertainment’s influence and just directly publish the article.

Secondly, due to their small influence, Su Yu might not even pay the company any mind and just let the matter go.

Following this train of thought, Lu Manni’s choice is actually very sensible. It can be concluded that her purpose wasn’t to slander Su Yu, but rather to leave evidence around the web.

In the entertainment industry, bringing back old debts is a very common occurrence.

If a star falls into a scandal, then all the scandals from the past ten years may be dragged back out to be used as ammunition. Whether the scandals are true or not does not matter – they will all be used to attack the person, and its impact would be multiplied drastically.

This matter may be meaningless to the present-day Su Yu, but if he is pulled down from his position one day, then even a small thing like this could become a fatal weapon.

Therefore, it could be seen that Lu Manni is indeed quite clever. However, unluckily for her, her little cleverness is nothing in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu was very happy that the other decided to act against him, and he admired Lu Manni’s courage. He also hoped that the other party had the courage to bear the consequences to come, because regarding these matters, Su Yu has alway been one to return the offences tenfold.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Who else feels sorry for Round Ball? RIP. *lights a candle for its poor soul*

Our first sponsored chapter!! Thank you to our wonderful sponsors! I had to translate fast to get this chapter out ASAP ahahaha. Readers, thank them as you’ve now gotten 2 chapters in one day 😛

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  1. Lu Manni is playing with fire. It’s funny that the ML is attracted to the Su Yu, but Su Yu has no interest in developing a relationship with him. Lol.

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