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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 16 [2.4]

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Chapter 16 | Arc 2.

Even though it was just for the sake of a film, the director and staff still felt as if they were in a dream… this was simply too shocking!

Due to his extreme shock, the director even forgot to yell “Stop!” and therefore, on the stage, the two’s interchange continued.

Su Yu’s actions were slow, as if he were moving in slow motion. In this duration, Qi Chen’s stance and posture did not change but his eyes showed a flash of surprise. Lu Manni’s eyes were more expressive, leaking out condescension and derision.

What President? What money and influence? Now look at who’s kneeling like a slave before her!

In her previous life, the reason her ex-boyfriend Wang Yue was able to make her so miserable was all because of this person sheltering him. If it were not for this President, then how would she have died so wretchedly?!

Lu Manni’s clenched fists hidden within her wide sleeves tightened, and the look of resentment and ridicule on her face became more and more obvious. If it weren’t for the fact that her back was to the camera, then her twisted expression would have been caught on tape.

But in fact, Su Yu’s action only took a moment. He slammed to the ground with a clunk, demonstrating the panic befitting of a servant just scolded by a master. But once he knelt down, he immediately straightened his back.

Yes, he might be a servant, but he is also a human being, and he has his pride and his values. Even though he is kneeling, he will not bend his back.

Just when Lu Manni thought that Su Yu was suppressed by her aura and could only kneel trembling before her, Su Yu suddenly looked up, staring straight at Lu Manni. Although his eyes appeared respectful, Lu Manni still felt a chill run down her back.

Lu Manni instantly understood that Su Yu had released his aura, but never would she have imagined that a greenhorn actor who had never performed before could project such a strong feeling, even more domineering than her own’s!

Caught up in her shock, Lu Manni just barely heard Su Yu’s next words. His voice was placating, but there was a hint of inner strength. “This servant knows that the jug of ale was carefully prepared by the Lady Consort for the Emperor, but drinking in excess is harmful. I ask that the Lady Consort place the health of the Emperor’s dragon body first. This servant understands that he’s spoken out of turn, and will accept any punishment the Lady Consort gives, but hopes that the Lady Consort will understand this lowly one only spoke out of care and concern for the Emperor.”

Having said his part, Su Yu once again pressed his head to the ground, his entire body hunching inwards. However, if one looked closely, they would notice that his back was ramrod straight, revealing an inner strength.

It was also at this moment that Su Yu retracted his intimidating aura, and he once again became that timid, cautious, servant.

Lu Manni blinked at Su Yu, who despite his acting appeared entirely relaxed, and she felt all her previous condescension and arrogance shattered. She even forgot that she was acting and was expected to give a response.

Su Yu also unhelpfully made it obvious that he didn’t intend to contribute or help the scene anymore. The atmosphere of the set instantly devolved into a state of awkwardness.  Had the director not been still preoccupied with the fact that ‘the big-shot President actually knelt!!’ he would have long ago yelled “Cut!”.

Bystander Qi Chen, who had been gleefully watching the show from the side, seemed to have at long last had enough fun and finally made a move. He gave Su Yu a heavy, considering stare, and then stood up, carelessly tossing the jug to the ground. “The evening is late; Consort should retire first.”

After saying that, he directly strode out of the palace. At this, Lu Manni finally came back to her senses and quickly stood up, saluting, “Consort bids goodnight to the Emperor.”

Qi Chen, however, suddenly paused. Lu Manni was just about to say something when Qi Chen’s gaze fell on Su Yu’s crouched form with irritation. “What are you still doing there, you’re not going to follow?”

At this, Su Yu hurriedly scrambled up and bowed to Lu Manni before lowering his head and following Qi Chen away.

Lu Manni, who had returned to her senses, became quite annoyed and irritable at that moment, stewing over the fact that she had been suppressed by Su Yu and had even forgotten to respond appropriately.

However, she at least remembered that the scene was not over yet and so she adopted a look of unwillingness, staring despondently in the direction of Qi Chen’s leaving silhouette. After a moment,  the director finally yelled “cut!”.

But no matter what these three actor’s thoughts were at the moment, at least the director was extremely satisfied. Disregarding the still-very-shocking ‘big-shot President kneeled?!” the three’s performance were very well done and the director was very happy.

It wasn’t that the three had demonstrated some never-before-seen superb acting or anything, but these three clearly showed great understanding of their characters, especially Su Yu and Qi Chen.

Lu Manni’s Consort Liu, backed by her father’s high governmental position as well as her maternal family’s rich status, experienced no hardships in the inner palace and thus had a bit of a spoiled temper.

Therefore, although Lu Manni had added lines for herself, it was very in tune with her character’s personality and it had enriched the otherwise simple scene.

As for Qi Chen, though he is only 26, his acting skills had always been received with critical praise and acclaim.

In the scene just now, compared to Lu Manni who took initiative to cause trouble and Su Yu who responded in turn, Qi Chen had significantly fewer lines but no one would say that his presence was ignorable.

In particular, at the end of the scene, not only did he perfectly portray the domineering aspect of the emperor, but with one sentence, he also illuminated for the audience the relationship between the emperor and his servant.

That sentence seemed to be a rebuke, but would an emperor truly take the time to wait for a servant that he didn’t actually care about?

And finally, there was Su Yu. Despite being the last to enter the entertainment circle, he surprised the director the most with his performance.

Although the previously filmed acts had already somewhat changed the director’s opinion on the rich and arrogant president, but all in all there were no conflicts in those scenes. Qi Chen had also deliberately dampened his aura, so as to not pressurize Su Yu.

But this scene was different. Regardless of her reason or purpose, the director clearly felt that at that moment, Lu Manni had released all of her imposing aura.

If her opponent were Qi Chen, then this aura would have been meaningless – Qi Chen might not have even felt it. But to Su Yu, who had just entered the entertainment circle, the impact could have been disastrous.

And yet, the result exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only was Su Yu unaffected by Lu Manni, but he also showcased an amazing potential sharpened under this attack, releasing an even more powerful aura.

This kind of result is really satisfying!

Of course, with Su Yu’s big identity being the elephant in the room, what perhaps surprised the director the most was still the fact that Su Yu disregarded his status and actually knelt down.

At the scene’s completion, the director called the three over to himself. Although the end results were very gratifying, he still had to say something. Lu Manni’s actions were obviously driven by bad intentions. If the President actually became angry, then things would be unfortunate for himself and the rest of the crew.

Thinking to there, the director’s face became ashen and he started to chastise, “Lu Manni, what the hell happened? Did I not specifically instruct you on how to act? Are you incapable of understanding the script at all!?”

Lu Manni, who was still feeling frustrated over the earlier proceedings, immediately became pale at the director’s rebukes. She quickly admitted her mistakes, “Director, I know I am wrong, it’s all my fault for studying the script too carefully recently. I forgot that this scene was specially added for President Zhao, so I said things that shouldn’t have been said.”

When she finished speaking, Lu Manni looked at Su Yu apologetically, with drops of tears clinging to her lashes, and said, “President Zhao, I really didn’t mean it, please forgive me! I promise I won’t make this kind of mistake again next time.”

Yes, she did apologize, but the more Su Yu thought about the apology, the more he felt that there was something wrong with it.

Displeased, Su Yu looked at Lu Manni. When he saw her pale and sullen pleading look, he was reminded of the last world’s female protagonist Jiang Yueyue and he became even more displeased.

If he is unhappy, then the one to upset him must become even more unhappy than he himself. Only then would Su Yu be satisfied.

“That’s good that you know you are wrong. I know your temperament is rash, and you want to prove yourself, but everything must be done in moderation. As you know, I am a newcomer who just entered the entertainment circle today. If what happened just now were to be exposed, people may comment that you like bullying newcomers,” Su Yu said to Lu Manni with a smile. However, the words he uttered were completely unsympathetic. “Furthermore, you and I don’t have any scenes together anyways. So, even if you didn’t promise, I’m pretty sure there won’t be a ‘next time’.”

With only a few words, Lu Manni’s face became even more pale. First, the director accuses that she ‘can’t read the script’,  and now, Su Yu is saying that she “likes bullying new people”…… these two were really trying to ruin her career!!

The newly reborn Lu Manni is a more cautious person than she was previously, but this time period is also when her resentment is at its strongest. Thinking of the humiliation she suffered in her previous life, and then looking at the two who just berated her, Lu Manni almost couldn’t control herself.

But she couldn’t afford a complete fall-out with the director, and even Zhao Qingsong, at this time, otherwise she really would be finished. So she must bitterly endure!

Lu Manni dug her nails into her palms and took several deep breaths before finally forcing herself to calm down. She bowed her head and apologized again, “I’m really sorry, I definitely won’t make this mistake again in the future.”

“Alright, you can leave. We still need to film our next scene.” Su Yu made a shooing gesture with his hand, completely unmoved, waving Lu Manni away.

With a chest full of anger and resentment, Lu Manni stalked away towards the dressing room. She looked calm on the outside, but Su Yu had just entered her black list, becoming someone she deeply hated.

One day, she will knock this sinister hypocrite off his high horse, and make him regret his actions today!

Once Lu Manni left, Round Ball floated to Su Yu’s side and said weakly, “Master host, um, actually, it’s really easy to deal with that woman right now, why don’t you act? You can ruin her right from the beginning, since your identity right now is very powerful.”

The female protagonist’s fame is still very small at this point, and Su Yu is the great President of Zhao Entertainment. Although she isn’t an artist of his company, as long as he wanted to, he could easily crush the woman.

And, if the woman becomes ruined, then everything would become much simpler.

But upon hearing the little ball’s suggestion, Su Yu only looked at it with the condescending gaze one would use on idiots. “According to the male protagonist’s career development in the original story, it would take at least 5-6 years before I can complete the main task. If I were to get rid of the female protagonist right now, then wouldn’t things become very boring??”

“………” Although it was very unhappy to be classified as an idiot, Round Ball found that it actually had nothing it could say in retort.

Qi Chen, who had been watching Su Yu, saw that Su Yu’s facial expression changed slightly. With a smile, he couldn’t help but ask, “What is President Zhao thinking about now?”

Su Yu used the same disdainful expression he had just directed at the little ball to look at Qi Chen. “Not much, I’m just thinking of that idiot with the zero IQ again.”

“……..” Qi Chen inexplicably felt like he received some damage.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

*Su Yu used [Disdainful Stare]*
*…… Su Yu dealt 500 damage! It was super effective!*

Thanks for reading! Hope y’all had a wonderful week! 🙂

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