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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 15 [2.3]

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Chapter 15 | Arc 2.

Although his artist is the President of Zhao Entertainment, Liu Tianyuan felt that this other party is definitely ignorant in the art of acting and performing. And yet, this big-shot President was not willing to accept any professional training and just dove in directly.

After changing into the costume and putting on makeup, ‘Su Inner Palace Manager’ directly appeared on the stage.

“Greetings, President Zhao.” Qi Chen, who had already changed into his costume, walked up and greeted Su Yu with a slight smile, appearing elegant and well-mannered.

Su Yu glanced at Qi Chen, internally bemoaning that this was another poor protagonist with no IQ. However, outwardly, he only slightly tilted his head and cooly said, “Let’s begin.”

The director, with a black face, told everyone to get ready into their places. His scowl and scary countenance clearly depicted his frustrated mood. Then, with a “Start!” the first scene to be filmed of started.

Qi Chen’s eyes narrowed in concentration, his face morphed into the correct expression, his posture adjusted, and he became an emperor.

Su Yu’s eyes lowered, his stance loosened, and his back bent slightly. It must be admitted, he did indeed look like a eunuch manager.

The emperor sat alone at his imperial desk, working with paperwork. Su Yu, slightly bowed, stood to the side. His eyes flicked back and forth from the emperor to the ground, and finally worked up the courage to approach when the emperor tiredly massaged his temples. Su Yu approached one step, but his back bent further and he hunched more into himself, and weakly said, “The Emperor must be tired, why don’t your grace take a rest?

The emperor did not respond, only lifting his head to stare at Su Yu. The fierceness of his eyes scared Su Yu terribly, and quivering, he quickly lowered his head and stepped back two steps, even further away than where he stood previously.

“Cut!” The director shouted, ending this simple scene. At this time, his expression seemed to be slightly better than what it had been. Somewhat reluctantly, he said, “You both performed well. Continue to the next scene.”

Su Yu had recovered his powerful and arrogant air as soon as the director yelled ‘cut,’ and he strutted to the set of the next scene. Qi Chen quietly walked behind, carefully considering the man before him. It seems… this great President wasn’t as incapable and unreliable as he’d previously assumed?

The scene of the second act was within the Imperial Gardens. Due to the similarities with the first scene, the performance of the two was similar and the scene ended very fast.

But when it came time to film the third scene, an unexpected person appeared.

As the 3rd female lead, the fact that Lu Manni would appear on set is a very normal thing. However, Su Yu knew for a fact that on this first day of filming, there were no scenes of any other person.

The first day of filming belonged solely to him and Qi Chen. As for why the director arranged for this, of course it is because the willful President Su has money, power, and influence.

The fact that the woman came on set without being invited cause Su Yu’s mouth to curl slightly, especially upon seeing Lu Manni come straight for him after greeting the director.

Lu Manni walked forward, her delicate face with light makeup had a slight smile, and greeted, “Senior Qi, President Zhao, hello, my name is Lu Manni. I play Consort Liu  in this drama. Please guide me in the future.”

“Hello, I am Qi Chen. I play the emperor in this drama.” Qi Chen smiled at Lu Manni, introducing himself in the same way she did. Then, his eyes flitted to Su Yu.

Su Yu wordlessly gave a glare. This type of introduction was deliberately aimed at him! Did he have to say, “Hello, I play the role of the household manager in this play”??

In the original plot, after the woman’s rebirth, although her outward appearance was  sweet and approachable,  kind and amiable to everyone, in reality, her methods were cruel and anyone who offended her didn’t have a good end.

Lu Manni obviously already knew what his character was, but she introduced herself in this way. If this wasn’t a provocation, then what else could it be?

“Well if it’s like this, then from now on all matters of the inner palace are governed by me. If Consort Liu wants the Emperor to stay in your rooms more often, then you’ll have to have a good relationship with me,” Su Yu replied, smiling outwardly but not at all on the inside.

Lu Manni was slightly choked by Su Yu’s words. She pleadingly glanced at Qi Chen but only saw the other’s calm countenance, as if he wasn’t bothered by what was said. Hence, she could only put on a strained smile and say, “President Zhao really knows how to make a joke. I heard that todays scenes are between President Zhao and Senior Qi, and thought that I could come and learn a little. This shouldn’t be a bother right?”

A sentence said very politely, but it was obvious she was implying that Su Yu used his power and influence to unfairly occupy the entire first day of filming, and all the scenes with Qi Chen.

Towards these kinds of people who liked to make trouble for others, Su Yu never learned how to deal with them politely, and so he said, “Consort also knows that this is my first time filming. I’m feeling a bit nervous, and so requested the director to let Senior Qi guide me a little. If you are here, you will negatively interfere with my acting abilities.”

Lu Manni completely did not expect that her request would be so straightforwardly rejected, and her smile almost cracked. She had no idea how to respond, and could only look towards Qi Chen for help, hoping he’d say something for her.

Qi Chen did indeed speak up for her, saying with a smile, “Since Lu Manni is already here, why not let her join us? Because President Zhao’s part is newly added, if it does not integrate well with the other character roles, it might seem like it’s drawing legs onto a picture of a snake [1]. Of course, I am not saying that President Zhao’s play is not important, but I remember that in the script I have a scene with Lu Manni at the same location where we will film our next scene. Since she is already here, what does President Zhao feel about combining the two scenes into one shoot?”

Lu Manni quickly adjusted her expression and looked at Su Yu with expectation, “If I could help out even a little, then that would be really great!”

Su Yu has a very special identity, so even though his earlier requests were very vexatious and troublesome, the director and writer had no choice but to comply and modify the script to add a role. They couldn’t even complain out loud.

Therefore, this request really had to be approved by Su Yu. Otherwise, no one else dared to make any accomodations.

In accordance with Su Yu’s plans to cause more explosions along the way, he should have directly shook his head and refused, continuing to be willful and self-entitled. However, when he saw the calculations in Lu Manni’s eyes, Su Yu suddenly changed his mind.

“Okay.” Su Yu smiled and agreed.

So the three of them went over to the director to discuss this matter. The director, who had been stressing over how to seamlessly integrate Su Yu’s part with the other characters, immediately agreed. “Sounds good. Lu Manni, later just sit there and help Qi Chen pour alcohol. You don’t have to say anything. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand.” In front of the director, Lu Manni’s attitude is very sweet and obedient.

The director nodded. “You go and put on makeup first while they finish their scenes here.

“Okay.” Lu Manni responded and nodded quickly to Su Yu and Qi Chen before heading to the makeup artists.

So Su Yu and Qi Chen went on to film the fourth act, and the little ball complained bitterly to Su Yu, “The male and female protagonists have just met and he’s already this protective of her. And here I’d thought this world’s male protagonist should have slightly higher IQ than Chu Chengyan.”

“They both have no IQ, what’s there to compare?” Su Yu chuckled, showing a lack of care in this regard.

Qi Chen couldn’t hear the conversation between Su Yu and Round Ball, but he could hear Su Yu’s chuckles. He turned his head and asked with a smile, “What does President Zhao find funny?”

“Laughing at some people who think they are smart, but actually have zero IQ,” Su Yu gave Qi Chen a meaningful look.

He absolutely didn’t believe that Qi Chen acted the way he did because he had no IQ. No, the other did all that because he was gleefully anticipating a good show to come and wanted to see what will happen!

Although this was only a small calculation that had no bearing in the grand scheme of things, Su Yu’s personality still couldn’t allow himself to suffer any losses and so he had to at least verbally retort a little.

Qi Chen felt that Su Yu’s words were directly aimed at himself, but since the other party hadn’t clearly stated his name, then there was nothing he could do.  He could only say: “Whether one’s IQ is high or not, this isn’t something that one can easily decipher. Besides, isn’t there a phrase that goes ‘whoever knows the most, speaks the least’?” [2]

“Yes, but the person I’m referring to, he actually is stupid.” Su Yu guilelessly blinked his eyes.

“…” Qi Chen had nothing to say to that. Furthermore, he felt even more strongly that the person Su Yu was referring to was himself.

The two’s silent tussle came to an end when the director let out an order to commence the forth act’s filming.

When Lu Manni finished with her makeup and costume and arrived on scene, the two had already finished filming their seventh act. After that, the three began preparing for the previously skipped third scene.

This scene was originally to be filmed in the emperor’s palace, but because of the appearance of Consort Liu, in order to flow better with the plot, the scene was moved to  Consort Liu’s palace.

The staff all got into their positions and the three actors also fixed their postures to prepare to act.

Qi Chen and Lu Manni sat at a table with some delicacies before them. There was also a tankard of ale and liquor rack beside them. Su Yu stood not too far behind Qi Chen.

This premise of the scene was just Lu Manni pouring alcohol, Qi Chen drinking alcohol, and Su Yu looking for an opportunity to approach and coax the emperor. It was a very simple scene.

Initially, it really was a simple scene. Su Yu found the correct time, approached, and said, “Liquor is harmful when consumed in excess, the Emperor should take care of his dragon body.”

However, at this time, Lu Manni who was pouring alcohol for Qi Chen suddenly furrowed her brows, slammed the jug down, turned and glared at Su Yu, and loudly berated while releasing all her aura, “Bold servant, in front of the esteemed Emperor, you actually dare to be this arrogant. You really are seeking a beating!”

Su Yu’s lowered eyes flashed a little, suddenly understanding what Lu Manni had been planning. Wanting to use her acting skills to suppress himself? Well, it needs to be seen if she even has the ability.

Lu Manni’s behavior was obviously to add lines for herself, and even to use the oppourtunity to make things difficult for Su Yu.

This kind of behavior is normally considered unpleasant, but as long as the lines she adds are in compliance with the current scene and characters, then the director will generally not stop filming just because of the added lines. After all, sometimes, actors perform their best when they are fully immersed within their role and the mood of the scene.

In this case, Lu Manni’s outburst was indeed in line with the scene and with Consort Liu’s personality. However, the person she was shouting at is Zhao Entertainment’s big President… the director couldn’t just sit back and do nothing!

The director frowned fiercely and was about to yell stop but in the camera frame, Su Yu had already slowly lowered himself into a kneeling position on the ground. The director instantly spazzed with shock.

What the f**king sh**, President Zhao actually knelt down?!!?!

[1] – 画蛇添足, “drawing legs onto a picture of a snake” – a Chinese saying. Adding something completely unnecessary and as a result, ruining the whole picture and making everything look weird.

[2] – 大智若愚, “whoever knows the most speaks the least” – a Chinese saying. Basically, whoever is actually intelligent may seem superficially stupid. Because when one is smart and has virtue, they don’t care about trivial matters such as commenting on random issues.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Wow~~ Cliffhanger!

Thanks for the enthusiasm, likes, and follows, everybody! I loved reading all your comments and will work hard to deliver excellent translations for y’alls reading pleasure~

I’ve my GRE exams coming up soon and then grad school apps so I’m pretty busy till December 😦 But come the new year I should be able to update more frequently!!

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    They are lowly director and crew who can’t compete with a big president

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